The things no one told me before the first day


Who I am?

Just a guy who loves programming.


First of all

It's fucking awesome.


  • English. Language. Communication.
  • "Unless otherwise specified, assume everything you read online is opinion." - Zakas.
  • Don't marry with any language, framework, library, design pattern, methodology or whatever.
  • Listen carefully and take into account the people you trust. Follow them, take it as mentors.
  • Is ok to ask for help.
  • Ask again. Understand. Take notes.
  • Share what you know.


  • Choose whatever works better for you and your team or project.
  • Don't fall into the Agile trap. There are more methodologies out there (Kanban, Waterfall). Even you can build your own methodology that fits better for your team.
  • Remember, in a mix of different human beings working together there are so many angles to tackle down.

VCS (Version control system)

  • Team work.
  • Multiple versions of same file.
  • History.
  • Backup.
  • Git, TFS, Mercurial, SVN, Perforce.

Pull requests & code reviews

  • A short title with a meaningful overview.
  • Descriptions are awesome.
  • Mention the reviewers, async feedback.
  • Answer in the pull request, always.
  • Don't take it personal.
  • Be your first reviewer.
  • Be polite, always.
  • Use quick examples in pseudo code.
  • Ask for more information.
  • Award the awesome code too.

Troubleshooting issues/bugs

  • Find your own recipe.
  • Reproduce the problem.
  • Read exception/error messages if available.
  • Use logs, debug or any other tool to find the root cause.
  • Be suspicious of previously corrected errors.
  • Check for recent changes.
  • Apply the best solution/fix around your scenario/situation.
  • Create tests.
  • Try to reproduce the problem again.


Thank you! :)




The things no one told me before the first day

By Matias Beckerle

The things no one told me before the first day

Basic understanding of language-agnostic topics & tools in order to have a smooth beginning on the industry.

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