Latest news

30.03 - 27.04


Merge requests

Acquisition chain: bug fix, handle children nodes of single master (Perceval)

AH-401: fix timeout when doing "calibrate_data_offset" (Perceval)

Lima acquisition: limit sleep time between 0.01..0.1 ms, to avoid waiting too much in reading function for "ct" with  (Perceval)

HDB Tango server for motors (Cyril)

Delta Elektronica power supply (Manu)

PI Hexapode motor controller (Manu)

TurboPMAC motor controller (Damien)

Saving: ensure all filesystem access go through the Writer (Wout)

Configuration app: fix for Flask 2.2 (Matias)

Lima acquisition: complete refactoring, fix when used as single master + support for all modes (Perceval)






To be implemented

  • scan sequences
  • handling of data with unknown shape (on going)


New writer has to be written

  • use of new blissdata API
  • improvements, like HDF5 file writing in background thread


Should be ready for BLISS 1.12 (July)


Presentation: 1st of June ?


blissterm, the BLISS web shell

  • will become the main entry point to BLISS for users
  • based on Daiquiri UI, library of Daiquiri components
    • common look and feel with Daiquiri apps
  • will provide a REST API to facilitate integration with web applications
    • hardware objects
    • execution of sequences
  • development is still in early stage, first version for Autumn(?) ; terminal prototype is already available in 1.11

BLISS communication

  • Will soon call for presentations from beamlines for next BLISS users meeting (July)
  • Training sessions to be organized in Autumn (in training room, in person)


Volunteers ?