About Me

Director of Architecture at Fitch Solutions.


I've been building internet applications professionally since 1998.

What you build today is not what you will build tomorrow!

Javascript is in high demand


Github Language Popularity


Chicago Angular Stats

  • 290 AngularJS job postings
  • 2542 jobs posted with AngularJS as a Requirement
  • 193 applicants with AngularJS on CareerBuilder

Javascript Random Thoughts

  • It's not just for scrolling text
  • Almost all developers have to know Javascript
  • Server-side JS is huge:  NodeJS
  • It's taking over the world ( 
  • Salaries

Why AngularJS is Great

  • Opinionated frameworks teach a "right way"
  • Great implementation of Model View Controller, which is a pattern used everywhere.  Master it here.
  • Write less code
  • Typescript
  • Unit Testable Javascript

Hiring Thoughts

  • What is the code coverage on your most recent project?
  • Do you have a portfolio website I can take a look at?
  • How does AngularJS Binding work?
  • Teach me something!!