Build A

VR Game

in 30 Minutes

My name is Michael


25 years building software.

5 years in Indy Film Production.


I have the power to create.

Making Games is an Art:



Graphics, Sound, Story, Characters, Voice Acting, Interactions, Game Play



All this art comes together in a Game Engine


Making Games is not Hard


Art just takes self-discipline, self-learning, and the ability to fail early and often without Ego.


The Artistic Process:

This is awesome!

This is tricky.

This is shit.

I am shit.

This might be ok.

This is awesome!


Making Games is not Hard


Game Makers host "Game Jams" to push themselves to complete a game in a short time.


Global Game Jam 2019 (Jan 25th-27th):

  • 113 countries
  • 860 communities
  • 47,006 registered participants
  • 9010 games


Every team needs someone to create sound and art.



Game Programming

can be done visually or in C:

My Purpose:


Create a Game Jam Community in Denton TX.


Find us on




We are a group of creators who make games and parties..."


Let's Build A

VR Game

in 30 Minutes

My Promise:

About VR:

Desktop VR is meh.  Mobile VR is awesome.


Oculus Quest is $400.

Mobile VR headset.  No wires or computer.

Two Interesting Game Engines


Unity - Excellent

Unreal Engine - Most Excellent for VR


VR Game in 30 Mins


Example from the course:

"Unreal Engine Blueprint Developer:

Learn Visual Scripting"

Take a Photo to try

this at home...

Meetup Events in Denton and Around DFW:


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