how to uninstall And  Reinstall aol desktop gold in windows 10?

 Do you have problems with your current version of AOL Desktop Gold? Is your software behaving badly? Is there an error message? Or are not compatible with software system requirements? Or you just want to restore the software! If the answers to the previous questions are "yes", then you are reading the right blog. Because you will know the process of restoring the software in detail. To eliminate any existing problem you need to install AOL Desktop Gold.

 If you are constantly experiencing error messages or just need to update the software version, then you have to go to the first two steps, you have to first uninstall the current and then install the new one. You can try the troubleshooting guide.

Stage 1: Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

•Go to Click 'start Menu' and select 'control panel'

•Select Programs > Programs and Features

•Select add or remove programs or uninstall a program.

•From the list of currently installed programs and select AOL Desktop.

•Click remove/ Uninstall.

•Choose if you would like to remove or keep your personal data.

Stage 2: Re-install AOL Desktop Gold in Windows 10

 Visit the official site and download the latest version of the AOL Desktop Gold software

 When Download done, Go to your Download folder and open your downloads folder

 Double click on .exe file .then Install AOL Desktop right click and choose "Run program as Administration".

 as security window will occur and say sure you want to change the program .

 Click on Yes Button give the permission for Run the Program.

 Click ‘Install now’

 Tap on ‘yes’ and then ‘ok’.

Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold to avoid hitches

 Technical mistakes are very common in this age of advanced technology. Therefore, whenever you are not able to access AOL Desktop Gold on your computer or face any other issue. You should get a solution to that problem. Sometimes there is an error in downloading AOL Desktop Gold . Status When you are experiencing errors and technical hits with AOL Desktop, you should try to contact customer care specialists. AOL Desktop Gold Technical experts are always ready to help you.


 Well, experts in some cases suggest the replacement of AOL Desktop Gold for troubleshooting. When you show errors, you can try to restore this software. The issue may be solved after the re-installation process.

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how to uninstall And Reinstall AOL desktop gold in windows 10?

By Mike Manuel

how to uninstall And Reinstall AOL desktop gold in windows 10?

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