UPloading to github

When you're logged into your Github account, create a new repository

Name your new repo! This can be anything, but it helps if it's easy to remember

Leave the other options on this page unchanged

Ignore this page for now.  We'll use this later in the semester, but we don't need to worry about it now.

Click "upload an existing file" to add your files to the repo

Upload your HTML, CSS, and image files.  If you don't upload your image file, your image won't appear on your page!

Once your files are uploaded, select Settings to make your files live on the web

On the Settings page, scroll almost all the way down to the bottom to GitHub Pages.  Select "main" under Source and make sure to save! 

Your page should now be live at



It may take a few refreshes for the page to appear.  If it doesn't appear within five minutes, drop a link to your repo in Slack and ask for help.