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where to play

Alien Harvest is available as a free download for Windows.
Or you can play in your browser for free. Get all versions here:


You can also play on your PICO-8 console by searching for "Alien Harvest" in the Splore menu.


Alien Harvest is not recommended for play on the PocketCHIP, sorry.


The next generation

Playing the game

Weapons and equipment

Alien enemies

The final mission


Credits and acknowledgements

The next generation

Dylan Burke is finishing the job his father failed to complete on LV-426. He must be stopped.


You must travel ahead of Burke and explore nearby planets searching for alien eggs. Find the eggs before he does.


Keep exploring until you collect 12 eggs and then you can stop this nightmare once and for all.


Arrow keys
Move character. Pans large maps in viewer.

Z key

Turns on map scanner

X key

Uses currently equipped weapon

P key

Pauses game

Gamepad support is enabled. Check your controller for button mappings.

Playing the game

The play screen consists of the primary game view, scrolling message display, scanner battery indicator and egg counter icon.

  • The scrolling message display gives critical information during game play. It will show next steps, alerts and status updates.
  • The scanner battery indicator will be green when the map scanner is available. A red indicator means the battery is charging.
  • The egg counter icon shows how many eggs remain on the current level. Return to the transport beacon when it reaches zero.

Collecting eggs

Search planets for alien eggs. Move over it to add the egg to the cargo bay. You must collect a total of 12 eggs before you can go to the last level.

All eggs will hatch if given enough time, so try to find them as quickly as possible. Eggs will hatch facehuggers which will evolve into large aliens.

When the egg counter shows there are no more eggs in the level, return to the transport beacon to go to the next planet.

Transport beacon

The transport beacon is where you start every level. When your egg counter shows zero, return to the beacon to leave the planet and start the next level.


Move on top of the beacon and wait for the dropship to land. Then travel to the next planet to search for more eggs. Watch the message display for updates.


The dropship is available only when there are no more eggs on the planet.

Map scanner

Toggle the map scanner using the Z key. Use arrow keys to pan large maps.

The map scanner shows the location of your character (red) and the transport beacon (blue). The green dots show the location of eggs, aliens and dead bodies.


Turning on the map scanner uses battery power. The battery must recharge before you can use the map again. The battery icon will turn green the scanner is available.


Beware! Aliens don't stop while you're using the map, so don't hesitate for long.

Motion tracker

The motion tracker detects when aliens are nearby.
Sound required for motion tracker. Headphones recommended.


During play you'll hear a frequent "blip" sound. These blips will increase speed when aliens are nearby.


The motion tracker only detects moving aliens. It will not detect eggs, dead bodies or jungle aliens.

Weapons and equipment

There are 2 primary items to help survive. Scattered around every level are dead bodies. Search a dead body and you'll equip either a pulse rifle or bait stick.


Use the equipped item by pressing the X key.


Tip: Don't search every body you find. Leave some for when you need to escape and are being chased.


Pulse rifle

The pulse rifle only has one shot and will automatically target the nearest facehugger or alien. Both are killed with one shot.


Searching a body while having the pulse rifle equipped does not increase the ammo count. The pulse rifle only ever has one shot.


Beware! The pulse rifle will not target or shoot jungle aliens.

Bait stick

The bait stick can be used to lure and distract aliens.


Place the bait stick and any nearby aliens will be attracted to it and will not chase you. The bait only lasts a few moments, so use that time wisely.


Warning! Facehuggers are not attracted to bait sticks.

Alien enemies

Pre-mission scans will show how many eggs are on a planet but the report does not indicate how many aliens might be lurking on the surface.

There are 3 types of aliens to watch out for:

  • Facehuggers
  • Large aliens
  • Jungle aliens


Being caught by an alien is instant death. Game over, man, game over!


Facehuggers are small aliens that only emerge from hatched eggs. Facehuggers seek out dead bodies which they then use to evolve into large aliens.


Facehuggers will chase when close but they are slower and less aggressive than large aliens.


Facehuggers can be killed with the pulse rifle but are not attracted to bait.


Large aliens may already populate planets before arrival, but they are also created when facehuggers find a dead body.


Aliens will chase when nearby and are faster than facehuggers. Thankfully, the landscape often provides plenty of twists and turns which you can use to confuse them and escape.


Large aliens can be killed using the pulse rifle and are distracted by bait sticks.

Jungle aliens

Jungle aliens are camouflage and hide in bushes. If within range they will attack with paralyzing acid, stopping your movement momentarily. Their attack will not kill you. After attacking, they retreat and go back into hiding.


Jungle aliens cannot be killed. You cannot shoot them with your pulse rifle and the bait stick has no affect. It's best to avoid them when possible.


Beware! Jungle aliens do not appear on map scans

The final mission

After you fill the cargo bay with alien eggs, you'll go to the last planet, PCO-8. You must blow up the planet and with it the Queen alien.
Eggs are not collected on this level.


First, find and arm 3 remote bombs by moving on top on them. Then find the detonator to start a countdown. You'll have 40 seconds to get back to the transport beacon and escape. Good luck!

Warning! Neither the bombs nor the detonator appear on map scans.


Select ACHIEVEMENTS from the title menu to see which achievements you have yet to unlock.

  • Terror Mode
  • Bishop's Dozen
  • Bone Collector
  • No Hugs
  • Save Jonesy
  • Ripley's Revenge

unlocking Achievements

Terror Mode - Finish normal mode
Bishop's Dozen - Finish normal mode without picking up any weapons.

Bone Collector - Find all bodies on any level while playing Terror Mode.

No Hugs - Kill all facehuggers on PV-418 in normal mode.

Save Jonesy - Find and save Jonesy the cat on PCO-8 after the final countdown has started and escape the planet safely.
Ripley's Revenge - Finish the game in Terror Mode

Terror Mode

Playing in Terror Mode disables the map scanner and requires you collect 20 eggs instead of just 12. The dropship takes longer to arrive and you only get 30 seconds to escape on the last planet. Levels are also larger and are populated with faster aliens.


Terror Mode must be unlocked before your can unlock the Bone Collector and Ripley's Revenge achievements


Design, code and sounds
Brian Vaughn, @morningtoast


Brian Follick, @gnarcade_vgm


Original art and sprites
Source    Source    Source



Additional art and animation

Brian Vaughn, @morningtoast



Special thanks
Jennifer Vaughn, @barneysangels

Paul Nicholas, @liquidream



This game was made with love using the PICO-8 fantasy console.


Extra thanks to the PICO-8 community for their sharing, teaching and encouragement during development.


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  • v1.0 - (10/12/17) Initial release
  • v1.1 - (10/16/17) Adjusted balance for normal mode. Terror Mode now more terrifying.
  • v1.2 - (10/17/17) More balance adjustment for levels
  • v1.3 - (10/25/17) Fixed bugs. Added new achievements. New title menu. New map layouts and sprites.
  • v1.4 - (10/26/17) Fixed alien chase bug. Added new achievement.