VueVixens: Badassery in 2018

Announced in Amsterdam in Feb, 2018

We teach Vue.js to women and those who identify as such


We do workshops!



12 workshops

135 women

All over the world!

We are the team

...and a lot more!


We are not women only

VueLand Discord

(join them, they are cool)
"Remove "diversity" from the list of topics and perish the thought. I, like many people, gravitated towards Vue specifically because it isn't yet ruined by SJWs. The software industry is already diverse enough when left to its own devices. Don't ruin this."

Some guy from VueLand Discord Channel

35k registered members

~1,500 average online


answering questions


This is not

'diverse enough'

...and we're going to fix this 🤗

Thank you!

VueVixens: Badassery in 2018

By Natalia Tepluhina

VueVixens: Badassery in 2018

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