Impact of crypto-anarchy & sharing economy

  • Cryptoanarchist and voluntaryist/ anarchocapitalist focused on technology and society hacking
  • Owner of IT security ethical hacking company Nethemba & bug bounty company Hacktrophy & contemporary art creation company Satori
  • Organizer of the biggest cryptoanarchistic conference in Parallel Polis, Prague (
  • Co-founder of Bratislava and Prague's hackerspaces
  • Member of Czech contemporary artistic group Ztohoven

Let me introduce myself

  • Based on inspiration of our Parallel Polis speakers (Frank Braun, Smuggler, Paul Rosenberg) and many cryptoanarchists / anarchocapitalists
  • Sometimes my predictions are right (I described the concept of Uber sharing taxi and sent it to my friends three years before Uber was started)
  • I am techno-optimist - everything is happening slower / later than I usually predict
  • Thanks to Paul Rosenberg, Mike Gogulski & Juraj Bednár for their feedback/ comments

Consider the following presentation to be my cryptoanarchistic vision

  • A lot of anti-Uber and anti-Airbnb demonstrations around the world will continue, new government regulations
  • The rise of the first anonymous cryptocurrencies (ZeroCash, Zerocoin, Dashcoin, Monero)
  • The bitcoin is more stabilized and legalized in most Western countries, but highly regulated (New York bitcoin regulation)
  • Bitnation provides a virtual citizenship to many refugees

The end of 2015

  • The stable version of OpenBazaar (the concept of decentralized free cryptomarkets) is released
  • The first open-source implementation of Uber-like taxi sharing service & Airbnb-like sharing service is released - in Uber/Airbnb regulated countries. People start to use cryptoanarchistic version of Uber/Airbnb with anonymous cryptocurrencies through Tor/i2p (Check and projects)

The beginning of 2016

  • The first proposal of decentralized legal system PAX based on Ethereum (see Codex - a legal scripting language for smart contracts)
  • Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN) Holocratic Constitution

The beginning of 2016

  • The first proposal of decentralized legal system PAX based on Ethereum (see Codex - a legal scripting language for smart contracts)
  • Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN) Holocratic Constitution

The beginning of 2016

  • The prohibition of anonymous transactions (because of "threat of criminals and terrorists") for legal purposes, the sender, and recipient have to be always identified (happened just for certain limits)
  • The beginning of financial offshore based on cryptocurrencies (thanks to increasing regulation of the traditional (fiat) offshore)
  • Bitcoin is not trusted anymore because of public blockchain - the biggest exchanges (Kraken) & services (uquid, have started to accept real anonymous cryptocurrencies (Monero & other altcoins)​

Year 2016

  • The release of OpenBazaar v2 based on IPFS (with Tor support) - this already happened!
  • The first stable release of Shadow project (fully decentralized marketplace with own anonymous cryptocurrency)
  • Bitcoin lightning network (providing a significant relief of bitcoin blockchain with anonymization properties)
  • Anonymous cryptocurrencies (Monero, ZCash, ZCoin, Dash, Shadow coin) becoming more popular
  • Monero becomes a default for most dark-markets

Year 2017

  • CALEA II (or a similar law) will be approved (mandatory government backdoors in all crypto solutions offered in the US), similar legislation will be adopted in other developed countries
  • Threat of Cyberterrorism will be highly overestimated
  • Anonymous cash will be prohibited in the most Western countries - the rise of street racketeers offering different cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptomarkets will go mobile - UX / Usability of cryptomarkets will be significantly improved, most people can afford to visit and use decentralized cryptomarkets without technical knowledge
  • Increased criminalization of cryptomarket's users

Year 2017

Anonymous, decentralized crowdfunded whistleblowing

  • Imagine that whistle-blowers (like Snowden) can be entirely funded by an anonymous crowd!
  • People will bet on the date of the leakage of the specific document (e.g. the time of the leakage of TTIP)

This means a total decomposition of all government secret agencies and government "classified" agencies -> covert agents may be significantly economically motivated to earn anonymous money and anonymously leak sensitive information.

Year 2018

Towards perfect corruption: the rise of anonymous prediction markets

  • Do you want smaller taxes? Bet your cryptocurrency that there will be unchanged or higher taxes in the next two years.
  • Do you want to have legalized drugs? Bet your cryptocurrency that there will be a prohibition for next years
  • If you are a politician with the real power to change it, you have an economic incentive to make the opposite bet and win a lot of money in cryptocurrency :)

Year 2018

  • Availability of anti-government insurance (in case of cryptomarket use, drug possession, bypassing surveillance laws, using cash, ..) thanks to decentralized and anonymous insurance companies
  • Providers of Tor exit nodes and OpenBazaar nodes will be cruelly criminalized
  • Massive increase of decentralized Internet solutions (funk Feuer, Serval Mesh, ..) that will be out of the government control
  • Many Tor/OpenBazaar nodes will be placed in the air (anonymous still-flying drones) or in still developing countries with old-school legislation
  • The first proved documented assassination of a politician using the concept of anonymous collaborative murder (Jim Bell's 'Assassination Politics') - politicians will start to fear ... being politicians is a more risky job than was ever before

Year 2019

  • Universal sharing economy mobile application allowing anyone to provide his/her services to anyone without government control/taxation will be available
  • It will be fully decentralized solution impossible to shut down by the government (like Bitcoin) with use of anonymous crypto-currencies
  • First anonymous crowd-sourced drone strikes
  • The government will start to have difficult times (see Paul Rosenberg's book - A lodging of wayfaring men)

Year 2020

  • The states will lose their business license monopoly - people start to prefer a decentralized DAOs instead of the traditional government-licensed companies
  • The governments will radically change the taxation model - no tax for virtual/Internet services, high taxation for real-world properties and real-world businesses, some countries will switch to head-tax
  • Massive people immigration to seasteading islands / free ancap-based countries

Year 2021

  • The existing financial system will break/collapse
  • The new economic 100% controlled system will be introduced with fear after breakdown of the current system
  • Free Banking based on colored satoshi (?!)
  • Seasteading-based free countries will be invaded by the US/UK/Western countries
  • High separation of the real world and cryptoanarchistic world ("the second realm"), average people will switch to this world after they see cryptoanarchy succeeds

Year 2022

  • The current social system will collapse, the rise of virtual states with social / protection benefits
  • Despite the fact virtual states (like Bitnation) are still not legitimized by the countries/governments, they start to be commercially attractive and offer many advantages/citizenship protections replacing the current governments

Year 2023

  • For the governments, it will be impossible to shut down decentralized cryptomarkets (Openbazaar, Shadow project)
  • New kind of financial freedom thanks to real anonymous cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralized Anonymous insurance against the government
  • Anonymous prediction markets that make corruption perfect
  • Crypto-markets (and DAOs with the anti-government insurance) become much more competitive compared to the government's regulated e-shops even for the non-illegal products and services thanks to this insurance

Fundamental events in our future

  • People will switch to crypto-markets not because they respect freedom or privacy, but because a price - everything will be cheaper in crypto-markets than in the real world (anti-government insurance will reduce this price)
  • ANALOGY - slavery was abolished because it was less efficient than market-driven free capitalism (free people are just more productive than slaves)​

Free-markets are more effective and cheaper than the government's regulated ones

  • The authoritative government will survive in the following 20 years and will be even more authoritative
    The people using crypto technologies and crypto markets (trying to avoid the state rules, like taxation) will be criminalized, there will be many exemplary lawsuits against many innocent people (Ross Ulbricht, ..)

Bad news

The rise of "the current authoritative system" problems:

  • Impossibility to cope with sharing economies (Uber, Airbnb, ..) that avoid the government regulations
  • War on drugs
  • Crypto-markets

These problems DO NOT EXIST in the free society; the real issue is the current political system which is not stable and is undermined/ threaten by all new technologies

Good news

  • War on drugs cannot be won
  • Crypto-markets technically cannot be prohibited


Despite the precedents like Ross Ulbricht's case,
politicians cannot win their fight; they HAVE TO ADAPT to the crypto-anarchy / free-market rules.
Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people will be sacrificed during this battle.

Cryptoanarchy / Anarcho-capitalism is less vulnerable / more immune system

  • A massive asymmetry between the government and individual
  • It 's hard to protect your privacy in the real world (physical security is the weakest point)
  • Most government attacks against crypto anarchy will use social engineering, few of them using 0-day exploits, the least will be against crypto
  • They can always destroy you / compromise you if they want and have a budget
  • Avoid the system, be agorist, do not be personal, do not create enemies

Be strong, protect yourself

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