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Mission of Liberation.Travel


Liberty in Our Lifetime, Prague, October 2023

Pavol Lupták, Liberation.Travel

The origin of oppression

  • Oppression arises when you are in a unilaterally involuntary relationship and, for various reasons (e.g., financial), you cannot leave that relationship (it does not matter if it is an abused wife or a businessman who, because he can’t afford it, can’t go into business in another more free, less taxed country)
  • The tyrant husband or local ruler can only afford the tyranny in the long run because they know it is difficult, expensive, or complicated to leave.

A tyrant can only afford tyranny because of the high cost of leaving (“exit costs”).

The mission of Liberation.Travel

  • Liberation.Travel’s mission is to reduce exit costs so that more people for whom economic and personal freedom is essential can afford to leave.
  • This does not mean getting rid of the monarch completely – unfortunately, in today’s world, which is divided into authoritarian states, this is no longer possible.
  • But you can switch to one that will treat you better. This can be done for any aspect of your life.


If you don’t like something, vote with your feet and go to those who treat you better.

Leave as the ultimate solution.


As a human being, you can (and should) use all legal mechanisms to reduce your oppression.


At Liberation.Travel, we believe in the power of “opt-out” as a solution to minimize oppression. And we are happy to guide you to those who will treat you better.

Flag theory

  • The goal of all permanent travelers to free themselves as much as possible from one system and to have the most pleasant, cheapest, and most importantly, free life without bureaucrats and meaningless obligations
  • It includes:
    1. Citizenship
    2. Permanent residency
    3. Tax residency
    4. Offshore company
    5. Bank account
    6. International healthcare insurance
    7. Mobile and Internet operator
    8. Place where you enjoy life
    9. Digital Assets

Specific scenario

  • Be a permanent /tax resident of Paraguay (don't stay in any country except Paraguay for more than six months / don't have anywhere else the center of the interests)
  • Use a US LLC company for doing business out of the US
  • Use a Gibraltar company for doing business inside of the US
  • prefer using Monero or Bitcoin Lightning for most of your payments!
  • Use XAPO crypto cards (support of Paraguay tax residents)
  • If you need a bank account, then use a premium SOLO bank account from the Bank of Georgia (Georgia will sign CRS in 2024) and (the biggest Georgian crypto exchange) or Inecobank / Evocabank in Armenia
  • Use a global international healthcare insurance (e.g. William & Russell)

The life of a digital nomad decentralized in many countries may not be for everyone


But if freedom is important in your life, being global and flexible may be the best way to fulfill it


You can have it not only freer but also more exciting and varied

Become a global opportunist!

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