Directed Graph Mapping

a novel approach to study cardiac arrhythmias


an application for Atrial Tachycardia

Enid Van Nieuwenhuyse (UGent)

Dr. Nele Vandersickel (UGent)  

Prof. Dr. MD. Mattias Duytschaever (Sint-Jan Bruges - University Hospital UGent)

MD. Sebastian Knecht - MD. Jan de Pooter - MD. Teresa Strisciuglio (Sint-Jan Bruges)

Dr. Milad El Haddad - Giuseppe Lorenzo

Prof. Dr. Alexander V. Panfilov (UGent)

Cardiac arrhythmias: 3 main different types of mechanisms

2. Anatomical reentry

1. Rotors or functional reentry

3. Focal sources

Current mapping systems of Atrial Tachycardia do not show the mechanism of arrhythmia automatically.

Therefore, we developed a methodology to determine these sources automatically: we describe the electrical propagation in the heart as a directed network: 


Huge field of applications



Search algorithm

Network theory

Network theory on the excitation of the heart: concept

DG-mapping on clinical AT cases

Optimization protocols

DG-mapping on clinical AT - DG GUI

In collaboration with  the AZ-sint Jan Bruges (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. MD. Mattias Duytschaever, Prof. Dr. MD. Sebastian Knecht, Dr. Jan de Pooter, Dr Rene Tavernier)


DG-mapping on tested on clinical AT cases

  • Further testing AZ-sint Jan Brugge (CARTO, Biosense Webster)
  • Test > 30 patients in collaboration with Bordeaux mapped with a different system (RHYTHMIA HDx™, Boston Scientific)

However, only tested in one centre,...

# Setting Expert + latest mapping system Junior +  latest mapping system DG-mapping ablation endpoint (with entrainment)
43 Real time  72% 48% 88% 100 %
# Setting Ablation target DG
31 Post ablation 100 % 100 %

DG-mapping can automatically find the mechanism of an AT without manual interpretation of the colormap of the atrium

  1. ​Operator independent and in some cases better than the operator: DG-mapping removes intuition, is thus more robust

  2. Can limit the amount of scar

  3. Added value for complex cases

  4. Can be used for training of fellows

  5. faster: DG-mapping is instantaneous (log(E + N))

  6. goal? no more entrainment mapping which is an extra technique usually performed  


DG-mapping on AT

DG-mapping on AFib?

In case of further questions:

Thank you for your attention!

Enid Van Nieuwenhuyse

Software developer

Project leader

Scientific advisor

Prof. Dr. AlexanderPanfilov

Clinical expert

Prof. Dr. Mattias Duytschaever

Dr. Nele Vandersickel

Our main team:

Clinical expert

Clinical expert

Prof. Dr. Sebastien Knecht

Dr. Jan De Pooter

Directed Networks as a novel approach for improving the management of cardiac arrhythmias - an application - EMBC Presentation

By Nele Vandersickel

Directed Networks as a novel approach for improving the management of cardiac arrhythmias - an application - EMBC Presentation

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