How Atlassian product-integrations can revolutionize the design work-flow in InVision Studio

Hello from InVision!

Ben Michel

Pablo Stanley

Modern Software Could not exist without:

and other apps that have revolutionized the development process globally.

The design process is next.

Fun fact:

Designers use these tools everyday.

But often wish they didn't have to derail to do so.

That's why platform integrations are so powerful.

They package up aspects of useful tools,

in ways that make perfect sense for the workflow of a complimentary discipline.

InVision ❤️ Atlassian

We are uniquely positioned to do this for the design-space right now, together!

We're excited about the chance to actualize Atlassian integrations in InVision Studio!

The designer-developer working relationship has some problems.

Differing workflows are often lumped together

Design-space Problem categories

that can be solved by Studio apps:

  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Implementation

Atlassian's presence in this space:

Jira Cloud for Sketch

Seamlessly upload Sketch artboards, layers, and slices to your Jira issues.


Discover issues to work on, and check issues you've been assigned or mentioned in.


Share designs, assets, and feedback with your team - without ever leaving Sketch!

The Atlassian Design Platform & Atlaskit!

Innovation in UI library design and guidelines

Platform Integrations are Powerful!

What is InVision Studio?

Where Apps can live:

App flow:

How Atlassian can solve huge problems with Apps:


Stride & Studio

Communication between design & development teams could be streamlined with an App that sends prototype update messages and previews to specified channels in Stride.


Trello & Studio

​Integrate views of update checklists & Trello cards inside Studio.

A direct view in Studio for any existing checklist in a Trello card for the designer to reference.


Filtered by category, for instance–checklists with the 'design' tag.


Add, edit, or complete new points to the checklist from Studio


Trello & Studio



Studio Files

A Studio File could be linked directly to a Trello card.


When there’s an update from the project to share, the designer can update the Trello card directly from Studio.


Updates could be a rendered PNG of a selected artboard, .gif of a prototype, or a link to a prototype.


On the Trello card, an image could appear with comments from the designer.

Integration: Bitbucket & Studio

Upload and update assets directly to a Bitbucket Project

Upload or update image assets from Studio directly to Bitbucket, generating pull requests.


Could involve a CI / CD pipeline via Bamboo.


Designer can create folders & specify the intended directory structure directly from a Studio App


Could involve exporting features: using existing Studio features to determining the format, and how many asset copies are needed at various specified resolutions.

Atlaskit & Studio

Design apps using the Atlaskit UI library!

The API will be available shortly.

The Ecosystem

Everyone is a first class citizen.

Inspired by npm

You have the opportunity to set the standard.

Your success is our success! We're here to help.

Pricing is up to you. 😎

Create standard tools with us today, that will be used globally tomorrow.

Thank you!

Come build the future of design with us!