Workshop stockholm 24th to 25th september 2019

Alexander Vassbotn Røyne-Helgesen

Manager, Front-end Developer @ Bekk


7 years at bekk

3 years at if

20 years of frontend

12 years full time

open source


whisky and cigars

the design system

How to use

How to develop


Accessibility testing

Tuesday morning - afternoon

  • Short introduction of the attendees
  • Introduction to the design system
  • How to use the design system
    • How to access npm packages and reference resources
    • When and how to use the CDN resources
    • Scoping and how to use different versions side-by-side
  • How to develop the component library
    • Technologies used
    • Setting up a development environment for the design system
    • How to work with and contribute to the documentation

Tuesday afternoon – Wednesday lunch

  • Exercise
    • Create a component and push to the repository
    • Write documentation
    • Short presentation from the groups
  • ​Presentation
    • ​Accessibility testing for developers