Freelancing 101


What is Freelancing?

Any work you do for other people, outside your job and doing that gets you paid.

Why Freelancing?

If you are a blogger and you struggle with 

  • writing content for a particular topic
  • coming up with great design and User Interface elements for your blog,
  • SEO of your blog


  • Autonomy in terms of your service and clients you wish to work with
  • helps you build a better portfolio, resume, and land a high paid job.
  • You can lead a lifestyle-centric life. You can choose the number of hours, weeks and days; and achieve a greater work-life balance.
  • It lowers your commute cost - comfort of your own home benefits
  • Working out of Cafés sometimes can be deeply inspiring, especially for the creative crowd.
  • You can Travel while working. 

5 Steps to Freelancing

  1. Identifying a service to sell
  2. Pitching your service
  3. Sending Quotations
  4. Doing the actual work and Getting Paid.
  5. Creating Case study and marketing your work.

1. Identify a service to sell:

  • Find out what you like
  • Find out what you are good at and where you can add value to other business. 

2. Pitch your service

  1. By Emailing
  2. Telephonic Conversation
  3. Personally pitching your service.

Pitching At Co-Working Space

Website as your Pitch

  1.  Having an online portfolio validates skills more eloquently.
  2. It Helps to get more exposure to international clients.
  3. Validates your cost in terms of your skills. 

3. Quote your terms and cost

Ask Questions

Template for quotes, Terms, Bills

DIscuss Upfront what can be shared publically


Project Basis

( Hourly rate * Approx. number of hours  ) *  1.1


Hourly Rate * Number of Hours

(Including/excluding Breaks )



Tips for

Payment Terms

Project Basis:

  1. Advance 40% , Intermediate 30% , Final Payment 30%
  2. Advance 50% , Final Payment 50%

raise the bill/invoice at end of the month.

Long-term contract:

4. Work and Getting Paid


 Finish your work on time

  1.  Passive Communication
  2. Aggressive Communication
  3. Passive Aggressive Communication
  4. Assertive Communication.  


"We custom solutions for success"

"We help you to reach

TOP 10 in Google Search'

5. Create a Case Study out of it and Market yourself.


Your Scope:

Your Method, Ideas, Process

Achievements, Results and Testimonials.

Should I leave my current job?


Should I not work anywhere and wait for a freelance opportunity? 


Niche Market

Design Your Website

Your Website is always your first brand touch point.


  • Your Website is always your first brand touch point. Make it special.
  • Know what you want your brand to look like before a designer sends it to you. Your users are going to identify you with your brand

Non - Verbal Form of Communication





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