Welcome to the 2017
Burning Issues Conference!

Guest speaker:

Don Kalisz, Partner at Revel

don@revel.in  231-727-9778x103

@donkalisz @revelmarketing

Who is this guy?

Don Kalisz, Partner at Revel

don@revel.in   231-727-9778 x103

strategic planning + branding + corporate identity + web development & support +
print, web, & multimedia design +

video production + copywriting & content + media planning + research, focus groups, and surveys + social media & digital marketing













The results are in...

The Plan for Today

Get in the mind of a marketing pro.

Learn how to engage audiences.

Learn tactics that you can apply.

Learn about low or no-cost resources.

Discuss social media, online ads, & SEO.

Discuss your successes & struggles.

I have no idea
what I'm doing.

(You can too!)

How do we go about it?

Think of "DATA"

Determine Goals

Whiteboard sessions


Make obstacles your objectives





Audience insights

Gather facts, set the bar, get consensus,
& build a support team.

How do we do all that?






Tactical planning & execution

Make a plan based on the facts.

Determine tactics based on a budget.

Do the creative. Execute the plan.





Assess & Adjust

Track results along the way.

Adjust as needed.

Evaluate success in the end.





Section Summary

D = Determine Goals

A = Audience Insights

T = Tactical Planning & Execution

A = Assess and Adjust

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Actionable

R = Realistic

T = Timely

Engage the audience

How to engage the audience

It's all about them... Ask... Listen!

Involve them early and often... Ownership

Find a champion(s) & assemble teams

Empower them! (Sort of)

Research those you hope to influence

Find barriers. Be open to criticism

Be like them. Talk like them

Continuous engagement

Think like a
marketing pro

Think like a marketing pro

What happens after research & planning?

Team brainstorming (3 2-hr sessions)

Try multiple solutions to find 'the one'

Be creative. (Yes even you)

There are no wrong ideas!

Check to make sure ideas are unique

Don't forget to test with audience!

What the heck is branding?

What the heck is branding?

Branding is a feeling or experience

Branding is not just a logo!

Internal first, then external

Visual and non-visual

Branding is a belief they have in you stemming from your promise

Brand story, Promise, Tagline

Elevator pitch

Voice and style guides

Branding Case Study: Newaygo County Partners in Prevention and Recovery (NCPPR)

Start with Why Recap

Think of how this can apply to your organization as a whole.

This applies to how we think

Everyone knows 'what' they offer, but frew know 'why'

'Why' is a belief or purpose. Values.

Allows you to connect with the community.

Low or no-cost resources

Low or no-cost resources & ideas

Collective Impact! Share expenses!

Old-fashioned "child labor"

Free email marketing: Vertical Response

Google & Brainstorm (Will work for food)

Survey Monkey and PollEverywhere.com


Buffer or HootSuite

Agency vs employee (or both?)

Facebook and other ads, etc. (coming)

Content! Do a blog! (Great SEO)

Online directories and social options

Crowd funded campaigns (Heroin)

Every Door Mailings

Barn banners in rural areas

Do it yourself websites

Email marketing (automated?)

Low or no-cost resources & ideas


Non-traditional Tactics

Unexpected and eye-catching ideas

Inbound Marketing

Sidewalk graphics


Fake news

Hand made items

Leverage youth for ideas

Take risks... Ask for forgiveness.

Social media, SEO, and online advertising

Social Media, SEO and Online Ads

Choosing the right social platform:

Facebook is clear winner

Instagram is for images and captions

Twitter is for short posts or "tweets"

Snapchat is coming on strong w/youth

There are several other smaller ones out there and more on the way. Skip them.

Start with Instagram or use scheduling software like Buffer or HootSuite

Social Media, SEO and Online Ads

Posts versus ads:

Posts are free and seen by friends.

Various paid 'ads' can expand reach.

"Boosts" are seen in your news feed more often but can be set to go outside of your friends or followers.

"Ads" can be posts, events, or digital display ads set to reach a specific audience.

Ad traffic is trackable and targeted based on your set not-to-exceed budget.

Social Media, SEO and Online Ads

Social media goals:

Shares and likes = more reach.

Give incentives for people to engage.

Use images or videos. Always.

Consider color theory in your posts: Young like reds/oranges. Older like blues/greens

Post a 1:4 ratio. 2-3 times a week, max.

Post from 1-4pm on Tues & Thurs.

Creating Ads are simple, low cost,
& high ROI

Social Media, SEO and Online Ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ongoing activity to improve search engine ranks in Google, Bing, & Yahoo.

Based largely on keywords, links, and content on page.

You can't fool Google.

Have key words in body copy of website and have lots of pages. Consider blogging.

Update your content. Stay active.

Use keywords on your social posts too!

Social Media, SEO and Online Ads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Different that social ads... They appear in search engines, partner sites, or specific sites like MLive, retail outlet sites, etc.

Re-marketing is freaky. Ads follow you around the web.

Outside companies usually need to assist.

Social Media, SEO and Online Ads

General terminology

Tags: When you tag a friend in an image or post using @ symbol. Great for exposure!

Hashtag (#): A way to filter posts for others to easily find via searches within the social site.

Check in: Marking/sharing where you are located... Check in now!

Share: When you like something more than just a 'like' and want more people to see it. (Major goal for your posts.)

Brainstorm "hashtag" activity!

Assign a note taker at your table.

Spend 15-20 minutes brainstorming a new way to market a prevention message.

Remember: no wrong ideas!

Write down all ideas - even the bad ones

Take 10 minutes & select your favorite 3

Post top idea on Facebook using this format: #BurningIssuesConference prevention marketing idea: [insert idea]

We'll search the # to show how it works!

Tagging or friend activity!

Spend 15-20 minutes visiting three different tables and getting selfies and tagging your new 'friend'

Be sure to 'friend' them and 'tag' them in the photo.

Sample post: "Having a great time at the #BurningIssuesConference with @[insert name]!

Anti-social type? Take my photo and @donkalisz and #BurningIssuesConference

Open discussion to share successes and/or issues with marketing

Let's Review!

Get in the mind of a marketing pro.

Learn how to engage audiences.

Learn tactics that you can apply.

Learn about low or no-cost resources.

Discuss social media, online ads, & SEO.

Discuss your successes & struggles.

Overall questions?

Don Kalisz, Partner at Revel

don@revel.in   231-727-9778 x103

Burning Issues Conference Presentation

By Pete Lounsbury

Burning Issues Conference Presentation

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