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Who are we?

The problem

The solution and from it new ideas

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Who we are

  • A team of 5 led by Richard Edwards, a trader, economist and mathematician, trained at 3 major banks and IBM
  • The team core has worked together for 30 years with over 100 years collective experience in markets
  • The team has designed complete exchanges, financial instruments, and forecasting methods
  • All have 'STEM' backgrounds and front line experience in financial and commodity markets


The Problem

  • Everyone in financial markets shares a common desire – to see them clearly through the fog of events
    • This can be the whole landscape or,
    • Pieces of it, in greater detail
  • The data is multi-dimensional so it is a difficult task and current tools are not up to the job
  • Much time and effort is wasted trying to gain insights from sifting through raw data or a series of 2D displays


The Solution

  • 3D & 4D Market visualizations are the answer
  • We have created three unique viewers after 30 years of R&D and a new kind of marketplace
  • Which allows analysts and traders to view ‘live’ many different variables at the same time
  • This makes the whole market visible ‘at a glance’
  • So it is then much easier to compare & trade
  • Drake Howell Ltd will launch these products one-by-one


The story


Too much to see

Solved by:

New 3D displays

Which combine to make:

A 3D virtual market


This video plays for 10 seconds

This ribbon is made of six delivery months of Crude Oil futures, updated 'live' together

All move up-and-down, roughly in sync but differences between them build up over time

These differences can easily be seen in animated 3D through the Glass Wall as the ribbon twists.

This is a strong predictor of imminent change in the market and is vital for traders

This video plays for 19 seconds

This surface is made from crude oil call options for different strikes & expiries, also updated 'live'

They move as a group, up and down mostly together but there are ripples and rhythms.

These patterns are important to traders and can only be seen in 3D, when animated to make 4D

As a result…


  • 3D & 4D Market displays create many more possibilities
  • Seeing markets better makes comparison easy
  • Adding a variety of data sources means side-by-side derivatives valuation possible
  • Price comparisons immediately leads to trading, if a marketplace is available
  • A new comparison portal will provide that and should attract a large share of trade in commodity derivatives


This video plays for 36 seconds

The Mercantile Exchange meets Zoom

This is a virtual space

Where traders gather

View basic blocks to build custom derivatives

Make offers & bids for these complex products

Which will bring tighter prices

And a great increase in trading


  • The 'Glass Wall' 3D & 4D viewer will be ready to launch soon
  • The option viewer will be ready for launch a few months later
  • The comparison portal will be ready for launch after 12-18 months
  • All 3 will support trading. It is the main purpose of the comparison portal and the first 2 will do so 6 months after each launches
  • Each stage generates revenue- see links to documents in slide 13
  • Further planned products are an AI training ecosystem for trading algorithms and 3D & 4D data visualisations adapted for other areas


The Opportunity

Invest £1.5m equity

 for working capital

(equivalent to $1.85m)

'Pre-money' value is £4m so £1.5m of new money = 27.7% share

Multiple revenue streams from large available markets


Aim for >$1bn valuation

after 4 years with

potential for >$10bn


Links for a closer look

1. A plan to make and grow the business

2. Potential market and revenue analysis

3. Cost and revenue forecast spreadsheet

4. Term sheet and application to subscribe 

Click video #1 & video #2, for more detailed 5-minute clips. These links are also in docs 1&2

For video passwords & more, contact:




Drake Howell Ltd