A bold new
brand for
Tucson Tax Team

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The Design Brief

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Core Company Values


We will always do our best for our clients. We stay on top of tax law: when we are not doing taxes, we are studying taxes.


We will keep our promises to our clients as to when the work will be done. Files won't sit on our desk gathering dust.


We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the best possible tax result for our clients.

Your initial ideas

  • Play with the 'T' 'T' 'T' in the name
  • Add a desert design element
  • Saguaro for the 'T'
  • A sunset
  • An outline of the Catalina Mountains on top of the name
  • No snakes or scorpions

Further guidance from you

  • Our brand should embody Tucson
  • We represent a revitalized Tucson
  • A Tucson that respective its heritage,
    but looks to the sky for inspiration
  • We are part of a fun, bold, fresh, hip new city

Your concerns (regarding cost)

  • Not too complex colors
  • Try to stay to around 3, maybe 4

Next up, a word from your clients
(press [right] arrow key)

Filing taxes is...

  • Scary
  • Terrifying
  • Agonizing
  • Nerve-wrecking
  • Stressful
  • Worrying
  • Anticipating
  • No fun
  • A real pain
  • Annoying
  • A huge time-suck

to name a few...

I'm most
concerned with...

  • Doing it right
  • Making sure I have everything I need
  • Getting the right amount back
  • Hoping I don't owe that much
  • Not messing up
  • Getting everything in on time
  • Not missing the deadline(s)

Why do it myself, when...

  • I can find someone who knows what they are doing
  • There are professionals who do this for a living
  • I can take all my files to someone else and let them do it for me
  • I can trust someone who has been doing this for years
  • I can securely send my files to a certified professional
    and let them handle everything for me and I know it
    will get done right and on time.

But who should
I trust...

I mean, there are so many options!

Next up, building right brand for Tucson Tax Team

Building the 

right brand

What will make clients
trust our new brand?

How will our brand be different from others in our industry and area?

How can we make our brand
truly unique and 'ours'?

In other words:

1. Building trust

2. Setting us apart

3. Making it ours

Building trust

  • The most difficult task
  • Trust is highly contextual
  • It takes more than a great brand
    identity to build trust
  • Consistency builds trust the best
  • Having professional-looking graphics and
    messaging helps too
  • Being honest, sincere, and transparent
  • Showing clients you care more about them
    than 'the other guys' do
  • Being highly knowledgable about your job
    and proving that to your clients

Setting us apart

Popular existing Tucson logos

Reviewing your initial ideas

  • Play with the 'T' 'T' 'T' in the name (Let's play!)

  • Add a desert design element (Been done)

  • Saguaro for the 'T' (Been done a lot!)

  • A sunset (Let's play!)

  • An outline of the Catalina Mountains
    on top of the name (Been done)

  • No snakes or scorpions (Agreed)

Making it ours

  • We have a unique 'TTT' in our name
  • We are in Tucson, home to several unique
    attributes, but none more breathtaking than...

A Tucson, AZ sunset

A Tucson sunset is...

  • Calming
  • Peaceful
  • Settling
  • Breathtaking
  • Never fails to amaze
  • Relieving
  • Beautiful
  • Amazing to behold
  • Colorful
  • Vibrant
  • Bold

If tax filing is scary, stressful,
and nerve-wrecking...

then I want the person/brand
I trust to make me feel the
complete opposite:
Calm, stress-free, and happy

In other words...

  • Our brand should use color to evoke the same peaceful feeling of a Tucson sunset

  • Our brand should play with the three 'T's in our company name to bridge the gap between the tax world and our client's mindset

  • Our brand should avoid common design elements found in other Tucson logos to help further distinguish us as a trusted, professional and genuine business who's main goal is helping our clients file their taxes

Next up, unveiling our new logo and brand identity

Our new logo

and brand identity

(about time, right?)

First, in black and white

View next slide to see logo

Here it is reversed out

Allow me to explain...

  • The 'T's are also plus signs
  • This creates a visual connection to math
    and accounting & helps bridge a gap between
    the tax world and other worlds
  • Each word of the business name is on it's own line
  • This again visually relates to mathematics, as if
    each word adds up to a total tax package

Next up, a splash of color!

Our new logo

Now in color!

Remember that sunset?

Here it is again just in case you forgot...

But how do we translate
this natural, beautiful
gradient to our new logo?

Simple, press [DOWN] to see!

Let's see them side-by-side

Three bold colors of the sunset:




Here's the logo in color again

But let's not
stop there.

Next up, adding it all together (literally)

Adding it all


Let's do something with the '+' sign that adds new depth to our brand

Press [DOWN] for a quick animation

There's more below

The combined '+' symbol:
Our new brand mark

'+' symbol explained...

  • It combines all 3 colors into one symbol
  • The color gradation from Grape to Raspberry to Orange
    creates a vibrant, natural gradient that mimics a
    Tucson sunset in full glory

As you will see next, it really ties everything together

Business Cards

Front side has the logo

And the new gradient hugging the right side

Back side has contact information

And the gradient hugging the left side

When placed side-by-side...

The gradient joins the cards, and the blocks of text on the back of the card line up with each word from the logo on the front

Here are all cards

Note the '+' mark to the
right of your names

This is as if to say:

  • Mona (and her experience)
  • Amy (and her experience)
  • Lynn (and her experience)

But wait,
there's more!

Every great brand needs a tagline, right?

The perfect

A tagline that says it all

What do we have so far?

  • New logo (embodying the Tucson sunset)
  • New brand mark (the plus sign)

How can we truly
tie it all together?

With a tagline. But not just any tagline.

Great taglines...

  • Are concise
  • 'Short and sweet' usually
  • Speak to the core of a business's values
  • Sometimes offer a play on words
  • Relate directly to the graphical elements in the logo

With that, your new tagline
locked up to your new logo

See the next slide

Taxes solved.

  • Speaks directly to the service and convenience
    you offer as a boutique tax firm
  • Ties directly into the 3 plus signs in the logo
  • Comprised of two equally short words
    that are instantly memorable
  • Says more with less (a hallmark of great taglines)

There's one more thing I want to show you...

A mock
newspaper ad

The concept

  • Since we are a 'Team'...
  • And it is common to refer to the Tax 'Season'
  • It seems appropriate to play off those buzzwords

Let's see an advertisement for Tucson Tax Team

that compels sports-fans to pick us this Tax Season

The execution

  • The headline and body copy each span 3 lines, like the logo
  • The background uses brand colors to symbolize a
    Tucson sunset over the Catalina Mountains
  • The tagline acts as a sentence closer as customers read
    the statements above.
  • The logo is in the bottom left, in line with natural flow of reading
  • The brand mark (plus sign) follows to the right
  • Below the mark is contact information, mimicing the logo
    in color and alignment

Press [RIGHT] for the wrap-up


Approval and next steps


  • A new logo that embodies the bold new Tucson mentality
  • A color palette that highlights the serenity of a Tucson sunset
    through the use of vibrant, warm, inviting colors
  • A brand mark and tagline that compliment each other
    and ultimately speak volumes to our company mission
  • Professional-looking business cards that present the brand
    and each agent as an experienced tax representative
  • An example of a newspaper advertisement that showcases
    the new brand in full effect

Next steps

  • Upon your approval, we need to print business cards
  • I like to use gotprint.com, as they offer
    competitive pricing on orders of 500-1000 cards
    (usually $25 including shipping for 1000 cards)
  • If not approved, please let me know your feedback
    or concerns and we can proceed with any necessary edits

That's all. 

Have a great day!