Azure Functions

(And where you can use serverless today)


Ryan Hayes



What is FaaS?


Running back-end code without managing your own servers or your own application


When and why should you use Azure Functions?

  • Need to Reduce Cost
  • Inconsistent AND Occasional traffic
  • New Developers/Learning¬†Programming
  • Internal Tools and Automation
  • When IFTTT Fails

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce Operational Costs
    • No Server Maintenance (outsourced)
    • No Application Overhead (outsourced)
    • Easier DevOps deployment
  • Inconsistent traffic
  • Infrequent requests
  • Code optimization directly affects cost! (Fun!)
  • No meetings about:
    • Enough memory? Enough Throughput?

The Tradeoffs/Downsides

  • Logic Repetition
  • Local Dev/Test is harder for bigger apps
  • Cognative overhead and complexity
  • Sometimes there's no cost savings over PaaS

Conclusion and Thanks!