less risky business way to reduce cloud native provisioning issues

Sangam Biradar 

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national vulnerability database statistics 

Provisioning Layer In Cloud Native 

cloud misconfiguration is still big security problem ...

OPA - Open Policy Agent

What is Policy ?

  • policy consist of rules . we may query this policies for making decisions 
  • for programmer perspective  its just decisions making statement ex: if-else 

What Does OPA Bring on Table?

How Does OPA Work?

fix cloud misconfigurations & other security exposures

Detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code to mitigate risk before provisioning cloud native infrastructure.

Key features

Demo1 - Secure Terraform Misconfiguration with terrascan 

Demo2 - Secure kubernets app

Scan Summary -

        File/Folder         :   /Users/sangam/Documents/GitHub/alldaydevops2021/vul-k0s-helm-docker/kubeyaml
        IaC Type            :   k8s
        Scanned At          :   2021-10-18 08:08:30.920245 +0000 UTC
        Policies Validated  :   41
        Violated Policies   :   27
        Low                 :   9
        Medium              :   14
        High                :   4

Demo3 -  Use Terrascan Rego Editor to Write Own Policies 

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