Are we even designing?

Like, at all?

Florence Okoye | @FINOkoye

I am a service designer who is interested in how we can be better at designing technology.

Thinking holistically

Better means... solve problems

Design means... shift states of being

Technology means...

= function(                ,race)
= function(                ,gender)

To be human is to be complex

What do they think?

What do they feel?

What do they see?

What do they hear?

What do they say?

What do they do?

What does it think?

What does it feel?

How does it see?

What does it hear?

What does it say?

What does it... do?


Design for advocacy, not just inclusion

Design technology as a service

1. Design with humans

2. Design as a service

3. Design for advocacy

This is a fundamental view of the world.


It says that when you build a thing you cannot merely build that thing in isolation, but must repair the world around it, and within it, so that the larger world at that one place becomes more coherent, and more whole; and the thing which you make takes its place in the web of nature, as you make it.

- Christopher Alexander



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