Research Workshop

Econ 002B:  Technological Change and the Economy -- 1/24/17

Sarah Elichko (selichk1)
Social Sciences & Data Librarian

Key tip:
Differentiate between search and research

           --- Research = larger process of inquiry
           --- Searching = seeking partial answers

What guides your research,
inquiry or acquisition?

Thinking critically about
secondary sources

(e.g. scholarly journal articles)

Autor, David. "Why Are There Still So Many Jobs?

          The History and Future of Workplace

          Automation" Journal of Economic Perspectives,

          Summer 2015.

Finding secondary sources

(scholarly journal articles + books)

Useful research tools include:

Databases for finding articles from academic journals
- Multi-disciplinary:  Web of Science, JSTOR
- Discipline-specific:  EconLit, Sociology Abstracts


Catalogs for finding books in libraries
- Tripod - books available in the TriCo
- Worldcat - books available from other libraries

Advice about research
+ finding sources:

Sarah Elichko - selichk1

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Tuesdays, 11-1
Wednesdays, 1-3