Research Workshop
Soc/Anth Thesis 09/25/17

Sarah Elichko
Social Sciences & Data Librarian

Australia (7,692,024 km²) is 0.95 times as big as United States (Contiguous) (8,080,464 km²). | Source: MapFight

Specificity & Scope

Who: Indigenous adolescents / youth

What: Video games

Where: Rural Australia

Why: Identity development

How: Using theory and methods
           of Sociology and/or

---> technology
---> media

---> non-Indigenous youth
---> Indigenous adults

---> Australia
---> USA

Searching Intentionally:
Selective variation + filtering

{ Google Scholar, 09/25/17 }

australian indigenous youth "video games"         = 5,600 results

       ---> Limited results to 2013-present              = 2,100 results

australian indigenous youth "video games"         =    363 results
"identity development"

indigenous youth "video games"                         =     930 results
"identity development"                   

Finding your way
Conversations & disciplines

Scholar A <--- Citation ---> Scholar B

Academic writing is dialogic:

how scholars use sources

BEAM Model

Background • establish context,
         considered a

Exhibit • interpreted, analyzed
         range from simple --> complex

Argument • claims are affirmed, built

         on, or contested
Method • derive a way of working,
         an approach

Finding your way  |  Conversations & disciplines

Scholar A <----> Sociology <----> Scholar B

Academic writing is dialogic:

{ AJS }

Disciplines have histories.

Disciplines influence discourse, questions, expectations, research practices

Finding your way  |  Conversations & disciplines

How to use review articles
Finding relevant conversations

Research Troubleshooting

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