How To Send Money Online?

Choose your money transfer platform

A quick google search of "send money online" pops out thousands of different results. It makes the matter only more complicated and confusing. All of these companies and platforms can be used to send money overseas. All of them offer different features and are good for different transfer types.


So, which one to choose?

Read Reviews

Before buying a car or going to a restaurant you check the opinions and feedback online. Remember to do the same with money transfers

For example here you can find an in-depth TransferWise Review, which is one of the more popular transfer platforms. The author explains there the fees, exchange rates, registration and how to order the transfer.

Try to look for different companies and compare their prices. Then, you can look a the offered features.

  • Which payments methods are available?
  • Where can you send the money to?
  • What currencies are supported?
  • What is the transaction time?

Watch for Exchange Rates

Remember that exchange rates are equally important as transaction fees. When a service has cheap transfers don't forget to check the currency conversion rates as well to make sure they won't increase the costs.

how to send money online

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how to send money online

Learn how to send money online and where to look for helpful information about remittance and money transfer platforms.

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