Mobexler setup guide


  • HARD DISK: ~50 

  • GB RAM: 4 GB


  • Download the ova file from links given above.

  • Install VirtualBox latest version available: Download Link

  • Once installed, start virtual box, go to File → Import Appliance → Select the Downloaded OVA file →Click Import → Click Import.

  • Once the virtual box image has been imported successfully, go to Mobexler v1.0 → Settings → Network and confirm that one of the network cards has NAT and other has Host Only Adapter connection.

    Note: The name of Host Only Adapter can change depending upon the operating system you are using and the name you have given to it.

  • Start the Mobexler virtual machine, and login with the password: 12345

  • Once logged in, verify if you can connect to the internet. Go to Applications → Internet → Launch Firefox and open any website.

    Note: Mobexler comes preinstalled with Android Studio. But because of the limitation of running an ARM based emulator inside the virtualbox, the emulator becomes extremely slow (10 times slower). Due to this reason, we strongly suggest setting up the lab using Genymotion as the emulator, or using any real android device as the test device.

Setting Up Genymotion As a Test Device/Emulator



  • Go to the Genymotion Website and download a “Genymotion For Fun” application → Genymotion For Fun.

  • Installed the downloaded application, register/sign in to free account and launch “Genymotion” from application/program list.


  • Now from the genymotion application, select the device “Google Nexus 5X - 7.0 API 24” → Install

  • Note: For testing, you are free to download and setup any available genymotion image. In this tutorial, we will use “Google Nexus 5X - 7.0 API 24”.

Once the Genymotion device image has been downloaded, run the image to make sure it’s working fine.

Once the apk is downloaded, simply drag and drop the apk over the running Genymotion Device. This will install and launch the application, Wifi ADB. 8.Now, go to setting of Android Emulator → WiFi settings → Forget Wifi.


  • Ensure that the ADB is running over a wifi address which is on “Host-only  Adapter”, generally it will start with 192.168.X.X
  • Go to Mobexler → Launch Terminal from Dock at bottom → Enter the command “adb connect IP:PORT”. Here, IP:PORT is the IP address and port which is showing on Wifi ADB application.

Launch Android Studio, from Applications → Android Zone → Android Studio.