Way of working

In this document, you'll find our way of working. There are brief summaries of processes, costs, conditions and agreements which will lead to a great partnership.


Terms of collaboration

Terms which will lead to a great collaboration

Growth Hacking

A brief introduction

Example project

Timeline and overview of your possible growth journey

What is Growth hacking?

Growth Hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across the full marketing funnel to identify the most effective way to grow a business.


Full funnel focus







Where traditional marketing is primarily

focussed on awareness & acquisition, 

growth hacking uses a full funnel approach

Where's your focus?

What is your customer lifetime value?

How many experiments are you running on a weekly basis?

Are you doing traditional marketing or

growth hacking? Let's have a look shall we?

"Our succes at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day."

What is your churn rate?

This is what a typical project could look like

(6 months)

Growth Audit

1. Traffic, analytics & tracking inspection

2. Competitor analysis

3. SEO audit

4. Paid advertising audit

5. Email (CRM) audit

6. User experience & performance audit

Growth infrastructure

1. Data, tracking & tooling

2. Full funnel data dashboard

3. Growth mindset & sprint process

4. Search engine marketing

5. Marketing automation

6. Website optimization

Growth Hacking

1. Growth experiments

2. Testing untapped channels

3. Growing social reach

4. Lead generation

5. A/B testing

6. Retention hacking

7. Referral program

General process

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 1 - Growth audit

A project typically starts with an audit to get a baseline measurement of all current activities.


The audit will be delivered in one document and will be based on current performance including the following:

  • Tracking & measurement
  • Competitor analysis
  • SEO
  • PPC (social & search)
  • Email
  • UX



  • Set up of social and search advertising channels.
  • Planning and implementing the right tracking.
  • Set up of external tooling or automation software.


Phase 2 - Infrastructure

We have to be certain about completion of tooling access, data points and measurements before we start growth hacking


Infrastructure activities will be executed before or simultaneously during sprint 1 and can include:


Phase 3 - Growth hacking

We look for the most effective and efficient ways in each funnel phase to grow your organization. Working in sprints allows us to experiment and scale up successes at lightning speed for maximum impact.


We translate your company vision and goals back into quarterly goals, into sprint goals, and into daily activities so that the work we are engaged in today.

Sprint process = 1 month

1. Ideation

2. Ranking experiments

3. Execute tests

4. Analyze results

5. Scale success

We walk through the PIRATE (AAARRR) funnel & growth audit data, leveraging multiple brainstorm technique we come up with ideas amongst all 19 traction channels

Hypotheses are made and experiments are scored based on their impact on growth, our confidence that it will be successful, and how easy it is to implement (ICE model). 

Rapid testing of channels & features. Manage the tempo & workload within the sprint, execute experiments with care and focus on throughput and small batch sizes.

Get and analyze the data of the experiments. Capture learnings, “did it work yes or no”? Why not? Should we run another experiment? Store the knowledge. 

Channels that work, scale! The intelligence can be used to make strategic decision how to further grow you business.

The following slides will present some of

the sprints we've worked on in the past.


+ 250K

At the start of this project, it was still possible to manipulate the algorithm of Facebook. We tried to boost it with pre acquired groups of people who would simultaneously share and like First Energy Gum's post.

+ 240

Organic reach

Shares on launch video

Sprint 1 - Awareness


Get a minimum of 100K people aware of our product to boost our product launch.


Increase sign up with 20%  by displaying core features to prospect before they have the chance to buy.

+ 700%

Tripcreator was having difficulties increasing the amount of signups. Through country specific advertising and email campagnes, we've managed to increase signups with a whopping 1907%.

Sprint 2 - Activation

Increase of Facebook signups



Decrease budgets by 50% - achieving the same amount of revenue.

Qrios spend a lot of money on marketing budgets. We've got the assignment to redefine all campaigns and test out different ads.

Sprint 3 - Acquisition

+ 1176

- 50%


Ad spend compared to last year


Getting 5% of invited Marketing qualified leads to turn in to opportunities.

Almost impossible to nurture online, we tried to find another way to increase sales. That's why we've chosen to organise a roundtable breakfast session.

+ 15%

Opportunities of total visitors

Sprint 4 - Revenue



+ 10%

Repeat purchases

Sprint 5 - Retention



Get 10% of our customer base to repeat a purchase.

Trying to increase sales, we do focussed a lot on retention. This was one of our first test runs, using Whatsapp in our marketing efforts.

Get 500K reach on our new product, by promoting the brand throughout existing users.

With a minimum budget, we've tried to super launch sustainable clothing brand STAIY through automations, advertising, email - promoting a viral campaign.

+ 1200

Emails retrieved

Sprint 6 - Referral



Terms of collaboration

Terms of collaboration

Clear communication

Clear process

Clear values

Available for in-house growth hacking support. We send out updates about all our activities every week and will report upcoming & past experiments with the results on a monthly basis.

Our proces is transparant, based on sprints with tasks allocated to time efforts. We'll report tasks, time and result back to you and will simultaneously build a database of all your experiments.

Our core values are Freedom, Responsibility and Trust. Our team consists of young, ambitious & talent indivduals who will achieve the desired results whatsoever.

What we expect from you


A fast pace


We need partners that are willing to do everything that is possible to facilitate growth. We will research unknown paths and will need you to accompany us in our joint efforts.

We want your company to grow and we will do everything to make that possible. That means we sometimes move faster than a company - The pressure is on!

It all begins with the right mindset. Dare to achieve the highest results possible and you will create your own ultimate growth machine.

Growth Strategy

Growth Hacking


Expertise: Our field of work

Business growth roadmap

Business performance metrics

Brand development strategy

MKT & sales funnels

Go-to-market strategy

Product market fit

Product launch strategy

Market penetration strategy

International expansion strategy

Business strategy development

Validating business propositions

Investor KPI realization

A/B Testing

Conversion optimization

Retention & referral hacking

Building funnels

Google analytics


Market automation

Email marketing

Web development



Neuromarketing & many more

Google Ads

Bing Ads










YouTube & many more





  • A password manager and 2-factor login on all our tooling
  • Signed contracts with procedures and protocols on handling (client) data
  • Clear process for the on- and offboarding of clients.


Your data is our responsibility

At Sprints & Sneakers, we highly value GDPR compliancy and privacy. We brought internal procedures in line with current GDPR and privacy policies.


Our employee, customer and supplier contracts are updated. All personal data has been secured through appropriate organizational and technical measures. We for example have:

Bart Snijders - Growth Strategist & founder



Stijn Kat - Partnerships



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