Nuxeo & AWS


Thierry Delprat

Why ?

Why are we talking about Nuxeo & AWS


  • Most customers are now deploying in the Cloud
  • AWS is by far the most used platform ... for now
  • Technically, AWS is ahead of the competitors

Customer requirements

  • How should I deploy Nuxeo on AWS ?
  • How can I use Ansible to deploy Nuxeo on AWS ?
  • Should I use Nuxeo AMI ?
  • Why are you not on AWS Marketplace ?
  • Can you give me a recipe for deploying Nuxeo using Containers

They are looking for a simple Answer !

Our problems

  • technologies do evolve 
    • Puppet, Chef, Ansible, CloudFormation, Terraform  ...
  • we do not have one recipe, but 20 of them
    • but none of them complete or documented or up to date


  • We are actively working on fixing that
    • define/test/maintain official BluePrints
    • Test (update) and validate with each release
  • This is part of the ongoing Nuxeo Cloud work
    • images (VMs, AMI, Docker)
    • deployment templates



  • Until then we need more people
    • who understand technologies / challenges
    • who can guide customers



AWS Principles

How moving to the cloud changes
deployment architecture


Leverage as much as possible available services

Leverage IaaS

Leverage as much as possible available services

Application can not be a monolith

Need storage adapters and pluggable services


Best Practices

  • dynamic Scale Out 
    • Scale Out rather than Scale Up
    • AutoScaling
    • (Sizing is not that important!)
  • Redundancy and Failover
    • Data Replication
    • Availability Zone
    • Regions
  • Security
    • IAM
    • VPC / WAF

Continuous Deployment

  • Complete deployment Automation (CI/CD)
    • Build, Provisioning & Installation
  • Infrastructure as Code
    • Amazon CloudFormation
    • Terraform
  • Setup Automation
    • Ansible
    • Chef, Puppet
    • Shell Script

Nuxeo and AWS

Deploying Nuxeo on AWS

Nuxeo LogicaL architecture

Leverage AWS Services

Leverage AWS Services

API driven provisioning and deployment

transparent fail-over

easy scalability


Leverage AWS Services

Leverage AWS Services

Leverage AWS Services


Nuxeo and Containers

Want More ?

Using Containers

Scale UP & Multi-TenantS 

Containers & Multi-TenantS