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How The Web is Making A Comeback

Rise Of

Native Apps

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Some Numbers

2.2 million apps

2.8 million apps

2.7 Billion

smartphone users

Why Did Native Apps Become So Popular?

Native Apps  Pros

- Work well offline

- Offer a consistent look and feel

- Fast

- Take advantage of every feature in a phone

Native Apps Cons

- Need to be downloaded before they can be used, so app size is important.

- To publish new versions, users need to download the update

- Each platform uses a different programming language, so you need 2 teams

- Harder to rise above the noise

Web Apps Pros

- Worldwide Reach

- Thriving Open Source Community

- Accessed by a URL

- Great for working on a computer

Web Apps Cons

Unfortunately, the Web has some limitations:

- Only works online

- Can't work with local files

- Can't interact with the user's contacts

- Can't interact with the device's hardware like native apps.

Bridging The Gap Between Native and Mobile Web

Web app manifest to create an installable experience
Service workers that offer reliability and help in creating an offline experience that is expected from a native app

Web Bluetooth

Web Share

used by twitter

Web Share (receiving)

Media Session API

used by spotify web

Perception toolkit

users navigate using camera (museums, shopping,etc.)


number of notifications

Keep an app alive

access user contacts

access file system

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How The Web Is Making A Comeback [WIP]

By Mahmoud Abdelwahab

How The Web Is Making A Comeback [WIP]

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