Storygize Optimization




- create business value

- purchase opportunities

- return on investment

- spend less money


Exchanges & Networks

- keep the publishers happy

- high quality content

- contextually relevant

- spend more money

Native Advertising is Content Marketing

Executing a Campaign on the Storygize Platform

Planning & Requirements

Goals & Settings

Creating a Campaign

  • The best value for a campaign is the content
  • Create variations! Serious and lighthearted
  • Multiple formats for different publishers layouts
  • Landing page that will resonate with the audience

The more engaging your content is
the cheaper it is to distribute!

-- Thomas

Planning & Execution


  • Campaign Budget vs Learning Budget
  • Pacing & Frequency Capping
  • Campaign Type [retarget vs 3p vs sg]
  • Success Metrics
    • Campaign Goals
    • Arbitrage Goals

Targeting Settings

  • Publisher Targeting
    • website category
    • storygize quality
    • whitelist / blacklists
  • User Targeting
    • device platform
    • geolocation
    • third party user pixel
    • retargeting

Campaign is Ready!

Now what... ?

buying the right impressions

consider the content

consider the publisher

consider the constraints

bid brains

train a system to answer a very specific question

should I buy this impression on

-- yes, and bid 2.43 with the clever headline

should I buy this impression on

-- no, wait for opportunities on

should I buy this impression on

-- yes, the user is in the retargeting pool


- fixed CPM bid

- get a feel for audience

- does it meet client goal

- will it arbitrage


- publisher valuation

- performance rank

- dynamic CPM bid

- spend distribution


- performance cutoff

- publisher did not meet hard goals

- halts purchase of inventory

Pushing the Envelope

extending market value

the storygize platform moves internal goals

based on performance analysis in order to control

  • publisher payments
  • client charge rates
  • storygize margins

take surplus cost savings and use them

to buy premium inventory!

Unified Exchange

Automated Spend

  • rank publishers cross exchange
  • one performance baseline
  • consider channel availability
  • shift spend between channels
  • one feature set built on industry standards

Short Comings

Where do we go next?

  • better performance rank calculation
    • currently only considers cpx
  • leverage sg quality score
  • contextual by default
    • second level categories!
  • consider deep goals (conversions)
    • lookalike modeling
  • optimize toward specific user behavior
    • tag users w/ post-click analysis
  • better cost mgmt for retargeting



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