Evolutionary Purpose

We enable people to connect and live authentic, fulfilled and happy lives.

1. We care

We care about each other, our users and the impact our products have on them. We care about what we are doing, and we invest ourselves fully to do the best we can. Our Care is what drives us to make things better every day.

We will:

  1. Ensure Customers and Clients are happy with delivered products & services, and do everything for a long termbusiness relationship;
  2. Consider the results of our behavior
    before we take action;
  3. Support & back up each other.

2. Seek to understand

Understanding a person, a situation or message will help us to respond adequately. We ask questions and listen with empathy, curiosity and an open mind to deepen our understanding.

It opens our hearts and minds towards new perspectives and supports intelligent behavior. Understand so that you may believe, believe so that you may understand.

We will:

  1. Always, ask questions and listen with an open mind to achieve understanding;
  2. Take time to listen to all relevant information and help everyone understand;
  3. Respond and react accordingly, when we have understood.

3. Lead with responsibility

To lead people or a project means to be responsible. We are trusted by the people who follow or who trusted us with the lead. In our idea of self management, we all are trusted and expected to know when to take the lead and when to let go again. We know our strengths, recognize our limits and are aware of our responsibility towards our success.

We will:

  1. Involve others in decisions and help everyone understand;
  2. Consider the bigger picture on the way towards a goal, while being aware of the results of our decisions;
  3. Have the courage to respond in line with our values.

4. Demand clarity

All of us are expected to be clear about our  purpose, vision, strategy and expectations. Therefore we encourage everyone to demand clarity on the strategy of the group or company as well as the goals set. This is to ensure everyone can work coherently and efficiently to achieve our goals together as a team.

We will:

  1. Seek to understand each other’s intentions;
  2. Ask questions if in doubt;
  3. Share and be transparent with relevant information.

5. Be a Believer

We believe in our products, their evolutionary purpose and the visions we have for them. We believe in us as a team, in our values, and that we all play an important role in this. We believe in the visions we hold, and it is our common belief, that our visions come true.  

We will:

  1. Never stop dreaming about the things that could be;
  2. Stay positive and  recognize potential when things get tough;
  3. Share & remind each other of our dreams and visions.

6. We are a community

Community starts right here with us. We are all serving a common purpose. We are sharing, supporting, appreciating each other like a family would. This spirit is what makes our products & services so special. How strong we are as a team, is what makes the difference between failing and succeeding. That is why we cultivate and nurture our connections and why we are mindful and caring with each other.

We will:

  1. Remember that we are in this together and every single one of us has an impact on our culture;
  2. Share knowledge and be team players;
  3. Celebrate the diversity of the communities we serve.

7. Be real

Just like the communities we serve, so too, are we celebrating our diversity. Being real and integral to our beliefs creates a space for authentic expression.

We provide a safe place to be as we are and we invite each other to do so.

We will:

  1. Be who we are, and not how others want us to be;
  2. Be honest with our perspectives and feelings to ourselves and others;
  3. Be honest about what we can and cannot do.

8. High performance culture

Performance is about quality and speed. Thorough work and diligence is what makes us accelerate. We strive to be focused on our goals and to be efficient in achieving them. We are all responsible for our success and committed to excellence in everything we do.

We will:

  1. Try to perform better than expected;
  2. Celebrate success togethe;
  3. Deliver.

9. Learn & grow

We believe in lifelong learning, curiosity to try new things and having fun while doing so. It is okay to make mistakes and start over. We are dedicated and committed to provide an environment that nurtures our professional and individual growth.

We will:

  1. Invest time in personal & professional growth;
  2. Actively seek opportunities to improve ourselves;
  3. Tackle our challenges and reflect on our experiences.

10. Happiness

We believe in the power of happiness and appreciate a balanced way of life. Happiness is our guiding principle. Taking responsibility of our own happiness, we enjoy co-creating a fun & healthy environment of safety & belonging. Having everyone’s best interests in mind, we speak and act in ways that lead to a more harmonious community and wellbeing of all.

We will:

  1. Be aware of each others’ happiness,
    listen and be supportive whenever we can;
  2. Be grateful and appreciative of each other;
  3. Value morality and ethical behavior in decision making.