Case Study #000

Jim Benton - CEO

Dan Faggella​ - Founder

Problems of Sales Managers

Understanding Calls  



How to track certain topics in so many conversations? How to know what is negatively affecting the deals?
Are the Sales reps following the process inherited by the company? Is it all legal?
How to train the Sales reps? In what segment are they lacking the expertise?

Future Sales Steps

Proposed Pricing

Pre-Set Specific Topics

Budget Risk

Patented AI Topic Extraction


Chorus.AI Solutions

Chorus.AI Data Sources



Video Calls

E.g. Salesforce
E.g. Outlook
E.g. Zoom

2. Recording the upcoming meeting (e.g. Zoom - only native Zoom integrator)

4. Plug into the CRM (e.g. Salesforce - provides more context around the stages and context of deals)

1. Connect to the calendar system of the client company and be invited to the upcoming meeting

3. Perform Deep Learning extraction on the recordings

How Does the System Work?


After Chorus AI analyzed the Sales Calls the issue was discovered.

The East Coast team wasn't talking about the new product until the 18th minute of the call. The West Coast team was shining talks about it in the first 10 minutes.


Company X is launching a new product. Sales reps from the East Coast are having a lower performance rate than the West Coast team.


Success Example #1


After Chorus AI analyzed the data, the following was discovered:

23.02. - 8%, 01.03. - 29%, 08.03. - 63%, 15.03. - 98%


How often was COVID-19 being mentioned in sales data across the entire platform?


Success Example #2

How Does the System Learn?

Manager Decides to Inspect the System
Manager Checks the Recordings on his Phone
System Jumps to the Moment Where an Sales Objection happens
Manager Rates the System and Gives Feedback

People ahead of us are helping us become better drivers. The more people use Waze - the better system becomes.

Sales reps are helping improve the algorithm. Because of that, we know what doesn't bring a deal on the table.

How Waze and Chorus benefit from the Community Aspect?

Example - Data has shown that when sales reps are talking too much, sales rate drops.
Example - Waze notifies us where are potholes or where to turn left.

Key Chorus Differentiators

"It is important to start to customize and to build your own custom trackers around your competitors and those data sets. That's the magic of what we're doing."


"Do they enjoy it? Will they rave about it? They can have the most perfect note taker showing every call so that they can focus on the customer. They are getting real value. It helps them close more deals."

Out of the Box

"No early legwork to adopt a new interface that they're working within or learn about how to train the darn system themselves"

Brings Joy to Sales Reps


"I think smart companies are making the heavy lifting on the side of the client as minimal as possible, whenever possible." - Jim Benton

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing