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  • New: sitebuilder with Twitter Moments pages.
  • Introduction to a fast, versatile and easy-to-use content curation tool for travel and tourism. For travelers and tourism providers. 
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Too much content!

  • The web: abundant content, more than anyone needs
  • Social media: abundant posts, re-re-re-tweets

content abundance in travel, trousim: booking sites, blogs

In travel and tourism,  content abundance threatens to overwhelm us. There is much more content than anyone wants or needs.

  • For tourists it has become difficult to find useful resources such as travel tips and regional information online: for most searches result pages are full of advertising, dumped into the Web by travel and hotel booking sites.
  • For publishers, travel bloggers and tourism providers it is equally difficult to get found and get the word out. Social media, as an alternative to search, are full of redundant and repeated information, too.

So you want to find relevant information on this hotel? Google search by name yields 200.000+ resources, you have the choice.

Travel marketers as well as travel bloggers suffer from the increasing effort for getting found and being heard. At the same time, they feed repeated and copied content into the Web and social media. Valuable existing content is doomed to disappear soon in the dustbin of history (unless promoted) and will never be referred to. 

For instance, it rarely happens that a travel blogger refers to another travel blogger when presenting a great tourism destination. Or imagine, TripAdviser referring to when presenting the amenities of a hotel (that would be downright hilarious, wouldn't it?).

Content curation means making meaning out of the flood of data by researching and mining resources on a specific subject and building new, useful content from the material. Curation, in contrast to aggregation, means that value is added and synergy created. 

The solution: content curation

Solution: Content Curation

  • A solution for both marketers and consumers
  • Curated content meets our real information needs

what is content curation about?

Content overflow in the web and social media heavily impacts tourism and travel: marketing content swamps all media channels. Responsible, human curation is the best way to maintain the internet's specific value for tourism information and to offer travelers valuable insights, tips and cultural knowledge.

Content Curation and Travel: Travelers are looking for easy ways to find what they are searching for, within countless amounts of irrelevant information out there. For this, curation is the 'cure' - 

Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme.

Content curation is not about collecting links or being an information pack rat, it is more about putting them into a context with organization, annotation, and presentation

- Beth Kanter, Content Curation Primer

here comes the solution. The word is -- Curation. Bob Lefsetz: Maybe Twitter's unfixable. Maybe it's a fad like MySpace. Something gee-whiz, brand new, that is succeeded by a platform with more functionality. Twitter told us we want instant news. But it never turned into a comprehensible service. It's the internet at its worst.
- huffingtonpost / Steve Rosenbaum

Can Curation Save Twitter?
About curation vs. aggregation:

Content curation, I believe, is a foundational key to how to both create (from scratch) and share (other people’s work in your industry) great content your fans and followers will engage with and read. - - 2015

A Quick Glance on Digital Content Curation

Is this curation tool for you?

  • it helps tourism service providers get the word out
  • it helps digital marketers publish more value
  • it helps travelers publish travel notes  with meaningful context

what can hosts, DMCs, service providers, marketers and travelers do with curation ?

Travel curation for tourism pros

  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • Accommodation providers and hosts

 Tourists who want to book a hotel are fed up with meaningless and irrelevant 'tourism' content on hotel web sites or booking sites, unmistakably written for SEO purposes. In contrast, hosts who curate and share relevant and useful regional tourism information are much more likely to win the traveler's heart. Showing interest in the customer's needs and creating curiosity are the best call to action.

Curation for marketers

  • Marketing for hotels, lodging, accommodation
  • Destination Managements Companies (DMCs)
  • Tour operators

Publishers and marketers in the tourism and hospitality industry adopt curation for content marketing to create more engaging landing pages etc. Plus, they discover that curating a specific subject helps to "own" this subject better than content creation.

Curation for travelers, bloggers

  • Tourists can put their notes into a meaningful context - in real time, while traveling
  • Bloggers can do so when preparing posts and thus add more value to their content

Sign-up / Anmeldung

Features of Travel Curation

  • Easy single-key login, post from anywhere, from any device
  • Share-friendly URL display with a preview image (via Embedly)
  • Six additional URLs with preview image
  • One embed item for YouTube, Vimeo, Tweets, Google Maps and PhotoSphere, SlideShare and all kind of embeds (no scripts)
  • One additional URL, e.g. to link back to the author's website
  • Additional items: a long description, a quote, a static image
  • All post items can be edited (or deleted)
  • 360+ topic pages to choose from
  • All posts are shared on three witter accounts (28.000+ Followers)

Make your key memorable

  • Open your welcome email
  • Go to Settings
  • Edit you key to make it memorable

Ein merkbarer Schlüssel ist immer zur Hand

  • In Ihrer Anmeldebestätigungs-Mail ist ein Link ....
  • .... zu Einstellungen = Settings
  • Dort können Sie den Schlüssel ändern und einen einprägsamen Namen wählen

Examples: simple and rich posts

  • Simple post with just title and embed URL: a web page, a tweet, YouTube
  • Posts with media embeds: YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare and (this slide deck), Google Maps ( plus Photo Sphere, Street View, Google Earth), Vine, Ted Talks
  • Posts with up to six embed URLs plus a simple link
  • Posts with a long form description plus a quote
  • Posts with an additional image
  • Longform posts with a description plus a quote

Scroll down in this 2D slide presentation for more examples

YouTube Post on topic flight-attendant-videos/

Google PhotoSphere Post on topic historical-sites/

TED Talk Post on topic norway/

In this post, a second embed URL is used for the author's profile page at TED. Plus, the URL was used for a related TV show on Norway's 'Slow TV' movement.

Multiple media post on reiseberichte-africa 

  • A description (not shown)
  • An additional static image
  • A SlideShare slide show
  • An embed URL

Please note: even though the embed URL is the URL of this post, other items (image and SlideShare are displayed on top).

Google Maps Post on topic united-states/

Google Maps / Earth Post on topic caves

Example section: topics, posts

At the end of this deck we present some post types (URLs, embeds, tweets etc.) and posts

Beispiele: Themenseiten, Posts

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Google Maps & 3D etc.

SlideShare, etc.




Images, long text