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  • Copy of BGS Orientation: Electronic Lab Notebooks: special considerations for computational research

    Presentation by Daniel Himmelstein on 2019-08-22 as part of the electronic lab notebook orientation module for the Biomedical Graduate Studies program at University of Pennsylvania. This presentation is released under a CC BY 4.0 License.

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  • ukbb

  • Differential privacy

    Guest lecture for Penn BMIN 520-401 course, Spring 2020

  • Climate change on women's health

    Presentation on 2020-03-12 for the journal club, Kim Lab.

  • Information Theory

    Guest lecture for Penn BMIN 520-401 course, Spring 2020

  • Multilocus risk scores

    Presentation on 2020-02-24 at BIOSTEC, Bioinformatics

  • Random walk, Markov chain and Brownian motion

    Guest lecture for Penn BMIN 520-401 course, Spring 2020

  • Supervised learning in R: caret to streamline the model building process

    Presentation on 2019-12-02 at R Ladies Philly Meetup

  • Detect network interactions while controling for confounders

    Presentation on 2019-12-06 at Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference

  • Basic statistics review

    Presentation on 2019-11-14, Moore lab Lunch&Learn

  • Integrate multi-omics data during the first week of life

    Presentation on 2019-09-12 for the journal club, Kim Lab.

  • What's new in TPOT

    Presentation on 2019-07-01, Moore lab Lunch&Learn

  • K99-2019

    Figures presented in my grant proposal.

  • BrainAGE MS

    Presentation on 2019-05-21 for the journal club, Kim Lab.

  • Flash CV

    A 5-minute presentation to briefly introduce my work in joint lab meeting with Li Shen and Yong Chen.

  • TPOT: An Overview

    Presentation on 2019-03-14 at IBI Clinical Research Informatics Core

  • Scalable Automated Machine Learning

    Presentation on 2018-12-21 at AI Therapeutics.

  • i-mab

    Lightning talk on 2018-04-10 for DBEI and CCEB First Annual Research Day.

  • BrainAGE and ibuprofen

  • Manubot

    Presentation on 2018-11-12 for the Moore Lab's Lunch&Learn.

  • Paper discussion: The personal and clinical utility of polygenic risk scores ​

    Presentation on 2018-10-01 for the joint Lunch&Learn between the Moore Lab and Ritchie Lab.