• Scalable Nx Architecture for Angular applications

    Deck for NG Rome MMXXI 👉 https://ngrome.io/

  • Another thousand stars repository: Angular Spotify

    Deck for Angular Spotify talk https://github.com/trungk18/angular-spotify

  • useEffect and its dependency array

    Deck for Cake Engineering Conference #1 - March 2021 https://www.cakedefi.com/

  • AutoMapper TypeScript

    I will talk about https://github.com/nartc/mapper and why you should use it on your TypeScript project

  • Build a Tetris game with Angular

    Deck for Angular APAC Dec 2020. https://www.angularnation.net/

  • Angular Strongly Typed Reactive Forms

    Deck for ng-poland.pl 2020

  • Behind a thousand stars repository

    Deck for talk.js #40 https://github.com/SingaporeJS/talk.js/issues/40

  • Angular - Using Visitor design pattern with Typescript

    Deck for talk.js #39 https://github.com/SingaporeJS/talk.js/issues/39