Building AR apps

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Augmented Reality

Why AR is the future

It's reality 2.0 version

1901 First recorded AR reference 
(L. Frank Baum - "The Master Key")
1952 Sensorama
Morton Heilig
1968 Sword of Damocles 

Ivan Sutherland

1982 AR for weather broadcasters
Dan Reitan
1992 Virtual Fixtures
Louis Rosenberg
1996 First AR markers

How it all started

1998 – NASA develops AR dashboard for X38
1999 Eye tap - wearable AR glasses
Steve Mann
2008 AR used by BMW for commercial purposes

2010 – Kinnect

2012 – Google Glass​
1996 First AR markers

90's - 2000's

2013 – AR is used in car manufacturing
2016 AR/VR investment reaches 1.1 billion 
2016 Microsoft Hololens/Meta 2

2016 – Pokemon Go

2017 – Apple anounced ARKit, Google - ARCore
2018 Magic Leap (light field technology)

Recent years

How we can use AR today

AR for Retail

  • Preview products before buying
  • Get deals based on physical markers
  • Get additional info about products
  • Share product images with friends and family before purchasing

AR for Games

  • Interact with digital world by leveraging physical environments
  • Much more addictive
  • Social sharing is easier and more encouraged
  • Explore physical world with digital overlay

AR for Manufacturing

  • Get valuable information without distraction
  • Instructional videos can be more immersive
  • Various set of tools can be used digitally

Location based AR

  • Get information based on intersection between location and image recognition
  • Use markers for displaying additional location info and data
  • Help user with more precise navigation and orientation
  • Ads and suggestions have physical context

How we can get started

AR libraries we can use

  • react-native-arkit / react-native-arcore
  • Unity3d, Unreal
  • ViroReact

How to get started

  • get your Viro api key from
  • npm install -g react-viro-cli
  • react-viro init MyAwesomeARApp

It's Demo time

Basic anatomy of an app

wraps every AR scene

setting up lights

positioning UI

a helper to select AR surfaces

Coordinate system

Right handed coordinate system

  • Positive Z is behind the viewer
  • Axis directions are changed when applied rotation prop
  • To determine positive rotation use "thumb" rule

Lights and Materials Demo

Ambient light

"Sun-like light"



  • diffuseTexture
  • specularTexture
  • normalTexture


3D Models

  • .Obj files
  • .vrx files  fbx models transformed with  ./bin/ViroFBX script
  • GLTF files

3d model primitive

loading resources

Skeletal animations

Rendering shadows

Detecting AR planes


Portal scene wrapper

Portal wrapper

Portal 3d model

360 image


ARKit 2 Demo

Where to get 3d stuff

When to develop AR apps with Viro?

When it's an app and not a full blown AR game

Start building AR apps today