A functional programming language for pico services

Disruptive Technology

Continious Delivery with Containerized Microservices


  • Monolithic - large, powerful, but indivisible.
  • 2005: SOA
  • Mini - I guess I missed this
  • 2012: Microservices
  • 2014: Nano - AWS Lamdas  (Deploy in miliseconds + Live for seconds)
  • 2015: Pico

You say tamato, I say


  • Loosely Coupled
  • Formal Interfaces
  • Bounded Context
  • Polyglot

Loosely Coupled

  • You only need to redeploy the service where the bug was fixed.
  • Developers can work and ship in parallel.
  • Conway's law:
    • "organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations"

Everybody Loves Raymond

I would like to compile my code without my mom and dad holding my hand.

Distance to Parents

Formal Interfaces

Limiting code size with static interfaces makes code in dynamically typed languages maintainable

Static Types

Microservices are the best way to get your python, ruby and node programmers to start declaring static types.

Bounded Context

Zookeeper Global Variables and DI

OOP meets FP

Limiting Side Effects


  • HTTP REST Services are the new C libraries
  • Developers can work in any language
  • World Peace


Maintenance Overhead

  • Versioned Dependancies (Thank you Docker)
  • Deployment                           (Fig?, Fleet?, Salt?, etc)
  • Choose the size of your service (You are on your own)


  • I want to write code
  • dependancies are a means to an end.
  • deployment ugh?!



  • Every function is a service
  • Compiles down to Web services in Dockers
  • Function pointers are URLs
import inc "github.com/awalterschulze/picolang/funcs.Inc"

let a = inc(2)
package funcs

func Inc(i float64) float64 {
	return i + 1
import map "github.com/awalterschulze/picolang/funcs.Map"
import inc "github.com/awalterschulze/picolang/funcs.Inc"
import add "github.com/awalterschulze/picolang/funcs.Add"
import reduce "github.com/awalterschulze/picolang/funcs.Reduce"

let b = map(inc, {1,2,3,4})
let c = reduce(add,0,b)


Next Steps

  • Compile down to Fig
  • Curried functions
  • Structural Typing (schema specifications)
  • HTTP Caching for functions without side effects

Devops should write the compiler

Thank you



By Walter Schulze


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