Living Free From Addiction


An intervention is a well-planned and
structured conversation
, during which the loved ones and other concerned people in the addict or alcoholic’s life, share with them how their drug or alcohol abuse, and the resulting behaviours, are affecting their


As an intervention is a very delicate affair, at We Do Recover we strongly advise that the services of a trained professional, like an interventionist, be engaged, to facilitate this process and thus increase the chances of success.


The admission process to a South African rehab usually starts with contacting a helpline like WeDoRecover. Their experienced counsellors understand the nuances of addiction treatment and provide personalised guidance. They help you navigate the array of rehab options, ensuring you find a center that aligns with your needs. These counsellors focus on assisting you in making an informed decision about the best possible care for overcoming addiction, whether for yourself or a loved one. In summary by exploring the comprehensive detox and rehab options in South Africa, you can start a road towards recovery in a nurturing environment, supported every step of the way by dedicated professionals like those at WeDoRecover.


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We Do Recover


WeDoRecover, founded in 2008 by Gareth Carter, serves as an independent advisory service aiding individuals and families in accessing the most suitable addiction and mental health care services. With Gareth's extensive experience spanning over two decades in addiction and mental health fields across South Africa and the United Kingdom, the organization is dedicated to matching individuals with the appropriate support and treatment. WeDoRecover prioritizes personalized care, recognizing addiction as a progressive condition requiring tailored interventions to prevent worsening and potential fatality. Over the years, WeDoRecover has facilitated thousands of successful interventions and coordinated admissions to top treatment clinics globally, including their merger with Changes Addiction Rehab in 2019, renowned for evidence-based treatment in Johannesburg. Beyond private addiction treatment centers, WeDoRecover also operates volunteer-based nonprofit recovery communities and collaborates with various professionals and organizations. Gareth Carter's profound commitment as an addiction counselor and qualified interventionist underscores the organization's mission to support individuals on their journey to recovery, reflecting his dedication to aiding others in overcoming addiction and fostering meaningful lives.

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