Trove Data Guide

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Trove Data Guide

The guide to Trove data will document in detail the types of content available through Trove, and what data is accessible for each content type. It will describe both the possibilities and limits of Trove data, enabling researchers to develop a critical understanding of Trove as a source for digital research.

Content types

  • Explanationwhy is Trove like this?
  • Documentationwhat you need to know
  • How tocomplete a specific task
  • Tutorialslearn methods, develop skills
  • inspired by Diátaxis



How to


  • Research pathways that integrate with other CDL and HASS&I RDC projects
  • respond to researcher needs in phase 2?


Trove data


CDL tools


Updates and versions

User feedback/engagement

  • bug reports and enhancements via GitHub issues
  • annotations using Hypothesis
  • direct contributions via GitHub
  • open license to encourage reuse