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Responsibility &

The Status Quo

Who is responsible
for accessibility?

Responsible people

  • Developers
    • Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS)
    • Backend
  • Content Creators
    • Text
    • Video
    • Audio
  • Designers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management

Not only
the developer’s

How to get sufficient support?

  • Develop a business case for accessibility.
  • Engage with people with disabilities.
  • Engage senior stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Promote awareness for accessibility.
  • Seek alliances and build networks.

The Business Case

15 % of people have a disability

12.6 % of people have a disability

Up to 17.8 % (in West Virginia) and 19 % (in Puerto Rico).

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39,737,900 PwD

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Age & Disability

Age group Prevalence
21–64 10.5 %
65–74 25.6 %
75+ 50.3 %

Design a Web
For Future You

All Statistics from:

You’re the
last line
of defense!


Online Tools

Tools Quickfire!

Most tools run everywhere!

However there might be some that are specific to a browser or operating system.

The Problems with such tools?

all the things!

Test Early, Test Often

Command Line Tools


Change Processes

Get rid of the Waterfall.

Waterfall vs. “Agile”












Diagram Source:

Introduce Accessibility as

a Requirement from the Start

Use Development Tools

Issue Tracking

  • For example using “Accessibility” or “Easy First Bug” labels.
  • GitHub, Jira
  • Example

Use a special “swimlane”

for expert reviews

In Kanban Tools like Trello

Get notified when

accessibility errors occur

Automatic tests create notifications in Slack.

Integrate Accessibility into your StandUp

  • What accessibility problems did you face?
  • How did you solve them?
  • What can we learn when developing new components?

User Acceptance Testing

Test Early,
Test Often

User Acceptance Testing
is often reduced to UX testing,
is often reduced to UI testing,
is often reduced to guessing,
is often reduced to nothing.

User Acceptance Testing

is not testing the user.

But how they are using your product.

Have your website tested by users. Remotely.

  • Unmoderated testing
  • Find challenges on your website for people with specific disabilities
    • Five major categories of registered testers: vision, hearing, motor, cognitive, and neurological
  • Fast, useful feedback
  • For every size of organization
  • Full privacy for the testers
  • In partnership with UserZoom and Loop11

If you can, try to hire PwD.

The contact and insight of real-life accessibility are worth far more than any experts efforts.

Accessible Components & Styleguides

Provide tested, accessible components to developers

Thank You

Eric Eggert

Knowbility,, @yatil