Graph Databases

 from a PLM architect

Yoann Maingon

"plm enthousiat"

  • Ingénieur ESIEE - specialized in Microelectronic
  • RAKON: Process Engineer
  • ACCENTURE : SAP Fi/CO Consultant 
  • SAGEM D&S: Process Engineer
  • Minerva France : CEO & PLM Consultant 

"Graphs eat the world"

Social Networks

Suggest profiles for love, friendly or professional relationships


Recommand products that people with similar profile have also liked


Send personalized email in a few hours for millions of consumer.


Path optimization

Help finding the shortest path for traffic, delivery, waste management,...

Graphs & PLM ?

Impact Analysis

Allowing impact analysis accross different products, BOMs and multiple production and engineering sites.

Permissions & Access rights

Allowing a more manageable granularity for permissions and access rights, with a fast execution by the software for a better user experience.




Helps working on multi-BOM situations with a better visibility on data manipulated like in Manufacturing BOMs that are trendy.


Query language for graphs


Cypher / SQL

Navigate the database


Impact analysis

START a=node() MATCH a-[r]-b RETURN a,r,b

Access Management

MATCH (a:PLMUser),(b:PLMIdentity),(c:Permission) RETURN a,b,c

MATCH (a:PLMUser)-[:isPartOf*]->(b:PLMIdentity)-[:canRead]->(c:Permission)-[:definesAccessTo]->(d:Part) WHERE d.partNumber="X999" RETURN a

For more info :

  • contact me
  • wikipedia (always a good start)
  • Read the Graph databases book 
  • Download neo4j and learn Cypher (or OrientDB or any other GraphDB solution from the wikipedia list of 38 projects)