Some background - Cluum:


We have this application. It's meant to provide interactive presentations and questionnaires. 

Originally it was demanded by pharmaceutical companies.

It empowers OpenGL/WebGL and is multi platform.

Now Cluum is actively used by med. representatives during face-to-face meetings with doctors.

Our breakthrough was when we had it exported to work in a web browsers, since then we are thinking of new use cases for it



Because of the declining number of pharmaceutical reps, face-to-face meetings are ultimately going to vanish.

Video and audio

via WebRTC

It's not enough. What's missing?

User interaction.

WebRTC video chat + interactive questionnaire?

Sounds good. But could we use the same technology to enable interactivity on any web page?

Plugin free co-browsing on any page

  • Cluum obviously
  • Support for navigating complex government pages
  • Collaborative web development experience