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How does your music magazine represent particular social groups?



How does my music magazine represent particular social groups?


I represent certain social groups in my magazine by the way i have set out my magazine (the Mise-en-scene) .On the front cover of my magazine I have got a lot of writing on the front to explain the contents inside. When researching magazine for old and young people i noticed that the magazine targeted for the older people tends  to have less writing on the front cover .This is because older people do not need to lured in as much as younger teens as I've been told that teenagers have a short attention span so having everything all on one page it makes the magazine seem desirable and intrigues to open the magazine. 
                                        TEENAGE MAGAZINE                                                                                      MIDDLE AGES MAGAZINE

Props and costume

I used costume to portray the rave genre by having my model in sports clothing (adidas) . Also this is well known brand and alot of young teens wear adidas therefore as they can relate to the model ,and the magazine, they will want to hopefully buy it. 
I did use one prop in one of my images i took. The prop was a cigarette and although cigarettes are considered bad a lot of young people do smoke and by having c=someone smoking it shows acceptance and that its okay and also they can relate it the reader smokes themselves therefore drawing people in.


I used the lighting in the studio to try out some different colours but i did not feel that they worked well with my genre so in the end i used a normal white light . Also on photoshop i edited the saturation of the image to make t stand out more and make the feature of her faec more vibrant . I did this because my genre is rave /Dance magazine and this makes people think bright neon colours and this is what i tried to portray when i did this. I Also use the sun in some of my pictures out side to highlight parts of my models face.


I did my front cover image in a studio so i could get the quality of the photo at its best . But in the others i took them in a field. I did this because in the past there seem to have been illegal or 'underground' raves which task place in woods of desolate fields , this i s why i have chosen this location to take these pictures and hope that that comes across in the pictures i have used in my magazine to the readers.

use of language 

The language i use in my article is pretty informal and i also speak about some things that aren't normally spoken about in magazines in normal magazines , but are mentioned alto in 'NME'.
for example...
this snippit of text talks about 

camera angle 

I used various camera angles in my photography , i did this to capture the attention of the readers and intrigue them to find out about the picture by reading. 
for example 
     Close up            Long shot     High Angle Shot       Mid Shot

Type of pose

Body language 
for my front cover i had my model blowing a bubble with bubble gum i did this to show youth. 
Also in my other photo shoot i had my model pulling different shapes with her arms and legs. I decided not to use these in my magazine as i wanted them to be more natural looking poses.

Mode of address

A lot of my pictures have mode of address, this means that my models are looking directly at the camera , i think this is a good thing to have in photos as it feels like you have eye contact with the picture and by having that it draws you in to they magazine and the model.
like this image below , i used this picture of my model as it had eye contact and went with my magazine perfectly. 

what attitudes come across in my magazine?

I think that on my front cover it shows youth and innocence  as she's blowing a bubble .This perception is then changed when reading the contents page ,as it says "Drugs ruled my life until i found music" this would make certain social groups either interested or disgusted. most youths now a days have tried or do drugs and hearing about peoples experiences shows that they aren't the only ones that do it and also the consequences of doing drugs.However if a older person read my magazine they would probably be disgusted of the thought of young people doing drugs , this is why my magazine is targeted at young , not old ,people.

Stereotypes portrayed in my magazine?

In my magazine i have portrayed the stereo type of a 'Raver' are dance music lover. I have done this by talking about drugs within my magazine and using images of my model smoking . This will intrigue  the reader and let the relate to the story and model.Also another stereo type that is portrayed is youth/teenagers ,who are usually portrayed to be a bit naive and rebellious , this is also portrayed by the mention of drugs and smoking.
I believe i have created a counter type , as  girls are known for ,being  lady like , like the colour pink, wear dresses, and don't smoke. In my magazine i have done the complete opposite for my model this could attract the attention of guys and girls and guys would maybe like the fact that the model is not being portrayed as a common girl and is being different and girls may look up to this image and think that they can be different and don't need to be like the stereotypical girl. 

magazines that are like 'TRance"?

i think there are some magazine that have some of the features and bits of my genre.
the one that springs to mind is 'MIXMAG'

I think that because its a dance magazine like mine but not extreme as mine. My magazine is more of a ravers mag which is liker a more hardcore version of this genre i would say.