The Surfacing of

in Pre-Messianic Times


How to handle it.

A Jewish (Torah) Perspective



Three Trends

in world history

  1. Evil keeps surging and intensifying.
  2. Torah also surges and intensifies.
  3. But personal ability constantly shrinks.


These Slides



  • The Three trends, and
  • What will ultimately come of each one


  • Evil was always around.
  • It’s part of Creation.
  • But not always manifest on the surface,
  • And by the same token, will not always remain hidden underneath…



On the Surface

  • “On the surface” = what we see.
  • In the world – what we hear in the news.
  • In ourselves – what we think, talk, and do.
  • Can be measured.  
  • Can be dealt with.  
  • That’s what we need to work on.



Under the Surface

  • The sub-conscious.
  • Example: What alarms you when someone is staring at you from behind.
  • And similarly in the world at large – the real moving force behind world events.
  • There’s powerful stuff under the surface.
  • The bad powers of which are called “Deep Evil”.
  • No control over these powers.
  • Too hard to fix.


Surging of New Evils

  • But life is dynamic.
  • The stuff from the sub-conscious makes its way to the consciousness of the person, and the world, over time.
  • These are the new evils we see pop up throughout history, 
  • Typically dressed as the “modern culture” of the time.

For example:

  • Idol worshipping (Up to destruction of First Temple)
  • Hellenism (During Second Temple, circa 200 BCE)
  • Secular Enlightenment (1800s CE)


Why Evils Surface

  • The world needs to be cleaned up in preparation for the End Times.
  • That includes underneath the surface as well.
  • How do we get down there?  We don’t:
  • As each type/level of evil is dealt with on the surface, a deeper level/layer gets exposed
  • That will be the next challenge.
  • We only clean the surface – the “dirt” that we find there at the time.


Friendship Becoming Shaky


  • Two good friends whom you’d think it’s impossible to separate – start fighting!
  • Why?  
  • A deeper, new evil popped up in their hearts,
  • Trying to divide & conquer.
  • It’s for the purpose of overcoming and putting it to bed.
  • The friendship will thus become even healthier.


It's (only) Looking Bad

  • Like someone who’s cleaning up his garage
  • Throwing all the stuff he doesn’t want outside 
  • It's looking very messy on the front lawn…
  • … until the garbage truck comes.
  • It’s good that all the rubbish is piled up outside. That’s how it’ll be easily collected and removed.
  • Before, all the rubbish was inside, hidden, mixed up with other precious items.
  • So looks can be deceiving.


A boorish man does not know, neither does a fool understand this. When the wicked flourish like grass, and all workers of violence blossom – only to be destroyed for ever.

Psalms 90:7-8


…surfacing to disappear. 


The Deeper - the Stronger

  • You work hard.
  • You move up in life.
  • There’s always a bigger challenge to take on.
  • Same thing with cleaning up the world: 
  • As we progress in time and achieve new milestones, the evils that come our way get more intense.



The Surging of Evil

Historical Overview

1st Temple Destruction

- Cause of destruction: Idol worship, Illicit relations, murder.
- Shocking!
- But definitive physical acts – discernible.
- For example, murdering for power / wealth. No deep hatred.
- Easy fix (It took 70 years)
You thought this was bad!...
2nd Temple Destruction

- Cause of destruction: Unwarranted hatred. Just a feeling inside (albeit ill). What’s so wrong?
- This question is the very problem:
- Discounting the fellow = subtle murder!
- Latent/indiscernible evils.
- Hard to fix (look, we’re still talking about it…!)
- Anti-Semitism is the more global expression of this theme
Getting worse…
End of Exile/

The worst. Extreme. Irrational. Ridiculous
More of the “unwarranted” bit of the hatred
Even families break down. Even scholars decay. Even Synagogues are defiled (by Jews themselves).
Suicide bombing, Israeli government giving away territory to terrorists, and releasing them from jail are some worldly expressions of this theme.
Evil at its best.


Evil's Destiny

  • With advent of Moshiach, we have to deal with the worst evils.
  • These are the very “ Signs” of Moshiach we find in the Prophets and Talmud.
  • (Analysed on, G-d willing)
  • But once these worst evils are dealt with, there’s no more evil to fight.
  • Evil meets its end.




  • The evils that we can see are what we can (and must) deal with and remove.
  • Deeper evils will surface when it’s time to deal with them.
  • Looks bad on the surface while evil is being dealt with, but underneath it’s getting better.
  • Evil is worst just before Coming of Moshiach.
  • Once worst evils cleaned up – Evil forever gone.


Question is:


How to deal with these surging Evils?

Deep Evil

By Itamar Hatzvi

Deep Evil

About the surfacing of the worst (deep) evils in Pre-Messianic Times

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