OSH Tutorial Part 3

Storing Data

Types of Data Stores

  • Simple Record Store
    Stores only data records and sensor descriptions
  • Full Observation Store
    Stores data records, sensor descriptions, features of interest and index data spatially
  • Multi Producer Store
    This is an observation store optimized to store data for large sensor arrays

The Storage API defines several interfaces:

Persisting Streaming Data

Sensor Driver

Stream Data Storage


Data + Sensor Events

Data + Sensor Events

The data stream store wraps any storage implementation It listens to data events coming from a particular source (e.g. sensor, process, etc.) and persists all or some of the associated data records

The store also listens for changes in the data source description (SensorML) and keeps history of the changes

A separate data store is used for each data source

Underlying Storage

Using the Web Admin

Wrapping Existing Data Stores

  • Specific implementation of the Storage API
  • Adapter for any type of backend
    • ‚ÄčFile system based
    • Web based (e.g. Amazon S3, WebDAV)
    • Distributed DB (Google Cloud Datastore, AWS DynamoDB)
    • etc.
  • Can be read-only
  • Code can be shared with a sensor driver getting the corresponding real-time data (if available)

OSH Tutorial - Part 3: Storing Data

By Alex Robin

OSH Tutorial - Part 3: Storing Data

Data persistence in OSH data stores

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