Notes on remediating loss

Emerging roles for librarians


Angela Galvan

The Ohio State University

Health Sciences Library

Code4Lib Midwest 2015

Why study this? 

And even while we delight in building the shiny and the new…we know that someone, sooner or later, curates bits against our ruins. 

(Nowiskie, 2014)

Contemporary grief practices

  • Catalog the dead alongside us.

  • Maintain relationships through linked data. 

  • Curate, discard, and re-purpose digital objects to suit our mourning.

We collect digital objects. 

Technology complicates loss. 

Digital estate management 

Choice and consent

Emerging roles

  • Create policy, standards, and practices.

  • Help users develop inventories of digital assets.

  • Develop tools for data migration.

  • Digital estate management, permissions, access.

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Notes on remediating loss

By A. Scarlet Galvan

Notes on remediating loss

Code4Lib Midwest, 2015

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