"develop ambitious platform-agnostic voice applications with ease"


About me

  • Toni, 24 years old
  • Working as conversational services architect @ Web Computing in Münster
  • Masterthesis about platform-agnostic voice applications
  • Maintainer of AssistantJS

Today's goal

Create an AssistantJS-based bot who cares for us in the end of a working day.

So at least someone does.

A few basics

Some buzzwords

Utterance: Exemplary statements leading to intent


Intent: Intention of a user's voice query (e. g. busRouteIntent)


Entity: Variables of a statement (e. g. "How do I get to the [train station]?")

States of a conversation

Developing "carebot"

1) Generate new application

2) Integrate Alexa

3) Add first intents

4) Add response variations

5) Add second state

6) Add entity validation

7) Add google assistant

Additional features

  • Assistant-aware tests with Jasmine
  • Strategy-based authentication
  • Hooks, inheritable intents, mixins, ....


Our app's capabilities

  • App starts the conversation with "How was your day?" and understands goodDayIntent and badDayIntent
  • If the user has had a bad day, app asks for reason
  • User is able to blame a mean colleague, app plots the revenge
  • App detects if user did not mention the name of the mean colleague and follows up for it.
  • App varies all given responses automatically and is multi-language-capable
  • App works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - on all devices


(a.k.a. "the one to press")

AssistantJS repository

Wanna build the future of conversational interfaces?


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A brief overview of AssistantJS, including a "hands on" tutorial to create a voice app using AssistantJS. (

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