Simple Testing Drupal with Behat

Ashok Modi - Drupalcamp LA 2018

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  • Drupal - 12 years

Will you?

Tests are awesome

  • But I will do them on new projects

That 'next project' doesn't get tests either...

Lets start with an existing Drupal site

Why should we test existing sites?


  • It will get replaced eventually
    • It won't
  • I don't have time
    • Its going to take you more timeto debug this stuff later
  • We don't have the budget
    • Its going to cost more later
  • I'm lazy
    • You'll feel even lazier retreading old stuff

I don't know where to start...

And that's ok

Start small

Start with a new feature request / bug fix

We'll start with Behat

About Behat

  • A tool written in PHP for doing BDD testing
    • Lets you write out scenarios to perform on a site
  • Think of it like automatically clicking, filling in forms, etc
    • And you can check your site to see if its outputting
      the right information (on screen and in DB)
  • Gherkin
    • Underlying test code is php, but tests look like English

What about PHPUnit? And other testing?

  • Stop with the bikeshedding on the tool and start somewhere!
  • As you write more tests, you'll find other (maybe even more suitable tools)
  • Behat is a nice entrypoint since its testing much like I might from a browser

Example File

Feature: Test to make sure the search works correctly

Scenario: Test the search form from the home page
  Given I am on the home page
  When I fill in  the following:
    | search_key | gallery |
  And I click "Search"
  Then I should see "This photo in my gallery"

Another Example File

Feature: Test to make sure the login works correctly

Scenario: Test logging into the site
  Given I am on the home page
  And I click 'Login'
  When I fill in  the following:
    | username | ashok  |
    | password | drupal |
  And I click "Login"
  Then I should see "Congratulations! You are now logged in"

Will this work with Drupal 8?

  • Use the Drupal-Extension Library
  • composer require drupal/drupal-extension:3.3.*
  • composer require dmore/behat-chrome-extension
  • Create a tests directory
    • Use as a starting point (and will examine in demo)


  • The main configuration file
  • Lets behat know about your codebase (which we want for Drupal goodies)
  • Can configure to use a real browser (like Chrome) or a simulated browser
    • Simulated browser is faster but does not 'know' js. Chrome is a real browser so you can do cool things.
    • Or use a combination!

Anatomy of your tests

  • composer install
  • ./vendor/bin/behat --init
  • Test Directory
    • behat.yml*
    • features
      • bootstrap
        • FeatureContext.php
      • test.feature*
  • * need to create


  • The main configuration file
  • Define your 'contexts'
    • Lets your tests know where to find the string that maps to a function
      • 'Given I go to the homepage' => function givenIGoToTheHomepage()
    • Define where to find your drupal codebase
    • The URL to hit  for the given tests
    • How to access chrome, etc
  • Use the one in the repo as a starting point


  • The main PHP file where you will write out the PHP of your tests.
  • Where you will define new steps
    • asserts
    • debugging steps


  • You will have many of these files
  • These contain your tests
  • Just like the examples on the previous slides
  • Big note: behat is working against a real site
    • It does not clean up
    • Steps you need to take care of eventually
    • Only do this locally or in dev
  • Will see if I can provide links to get rid of nodes, users etc.

Three main concepts

  • Scenarios
  • Background + Scenarios
  • Scenario Outlines
  • (And tags)

Structuring things

  • Have multiple .feature files
  • Add tags to them
  • Create them for new feature requests
    • Bug fixes
    • Learn to run the tests locally
    • Eventually in some test environment
      • ProboCI, Acquia, Platform, etc


  • Rescue project I was requested to help on
    • Started on Drupal 8.2
    • Needs to be upgraded to Drupal 8.5 (8.6)
    • Upgraded from PHP5.6 to PHP7.*
    • Multiple feature requests
  • Main work site
    • Drupal 7
    • Over 10k tests
    • Integrated with CI
  • Lets dive in


Will you?

Tests are awesome

And I use them in my project!

Thank you :)

Simple Testing Drupal with Behat

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Simple Testing Drupal with Behat

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