this story starts

as I am walking into my house this morning. The door is locked and I realize that my key is inside. I pound on the door, to no avail. I know my dog is in there, sleeping. And he has this odd ability to unlock doors (don't ask)

Go Right if you want my dog to maybe eventually wake up. No rush or anything.

Go Down if you want my dog to keep on sleeping.

I can actually hear him.

My snoring, lazy dog isn't waking up. I pound a bit harder on the door. Still, nothing. I decide it might be time to try the window. I walk to the front of the house, and start to examine  the window frame. I could get in there, I think. I glance around, a little nervous. That's when I see a neighbor staring at me through her window.

Go Right if the neighbor continues to eyeball me as I work to jimmy the window.

Go Down if the neighbor ignores me.


The neighbor ignores me. Good thing I am not a real thief, right? But I get the window up, and only after I am safely in the house does my dog saunter over, tail wagging. Thanks a lot!

The End

(if I go outside, and the door slams shut behind me, and I am locked out again, go Right. If that does not happen, then exit the browser. You're done, dear reader)

I move to the window, thinking I can force my way into my house.

The latch is stuck and I wrestle with it to open it. That's when I hear the police sirens.

"This isn't good," I think. I work harder now, determined to get inside the house before the police arrive.

That's when I think of my dog again. That lazy bones has to wake up and let me in.  "The door!" I shout. "Open the door!"

Go Right if he finally wakes up .

Go Down if he keeps sleeping.

You hear snoring

more snoring

Keep going Down if he keeps sleeping

Or go Right if he finally hears me.

You know my dog too well.

The cops come and arrest me for breaking and entering my own house. It takes me a few hours to proclaim my innocence. When I come home, the dog stretches and looks to me for dinner.

The End.

(Of course, there is the possibility in this kind of story to turn back time. If you  are now regretting your decision and think my dog should have woken up earlier, go Right. If you are fine with your decision -- and can live with me being arrested, you heartless reader -- then exit the browser. You are done.)

My dog wakes up ...

I  hear him now, clawing at the door. No doubt he finally heard my voice and thinks, "dinnertime."

"Duke," I shout. "Unlock the door! You can do it. Unlock the door."

Go Right if he unlocks the door.

Go Down if he does not unlock the door.

He falls back asleep.

"Duke!" I shout again, but this time, my neighbor is back at the window, and the next thing I hear is sirens. This is not going to end well, I think.

The End

(I was right. It didn't end well. I'm dragged away in handcuffs as my dog presses his nose against the glass, watching me get shoved into the police car. Later on, I come home. If you think rewarding my dog with treats is a good idea, you can head Right)

"Good dog,"

I say as he opens the door to let me in. I shovel a handful of treats into his bowl. He gobbles them up and goes back to sleep. I finally relax, pulling out a book to read when I hear a knock at the door. I peek outside. It's the police. I guess the neighbor did not ignore me after all. And for a moment, it feels like deja vu, as if this story already unfolded somewhere before.

The End.

the story started here

By dogtrax

the story started here

An experiment with interactive fiction via Slides.

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