Fabian Deutsch <fabiand@redhat.com>

October 2017

Migration & Convergence

  • Ease the process to migrate workloads from VMs to containers
  • Provide a solution for users which need to continue run VMs
  • Colocation of containers and VMs: Unified API and infrastructure

Virtualization API

and runtime for Kubernetes

  • Virtualization API (CRD, Operator)
  • kvm, qemu, libvirt runtime stack
  • Add-on (everything in containers)

It's not a CRI

  • Hypervisor CRI:
    Pod spec is the API
  • KubeVirt:
    Dedicated API
    • virtual devices
    • live migration

minikube demo

$ curl -sL run.kubevirt.io/demo.sh | bash

vagrant demo

$ ./cluster/kubectl.sh \
    create -f cluster/migration.yaml


  • Easy K8s deployment
  • API Server aggregation
  • Pod networking


Virtualized Workloads Saloon at KubeCon NA, Austin


Room for discussion, organization, and collaboration:

  • SIG/WG?
  • Incubator?


Fabian Deutsch <fabiand@redhat.com>

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