Ressources en ligne pour l'historien

1. Primary sources


  • European digital ibrary
  • 15 millions of digital objects (only metadata) on line in 2011 coming from many European providers (133)
  • Project launched as European reaction to Google, notably google books
  • Some tools are provided: timelines, maps, "My Europeana"

European history
primary sources

  • Portal
  • Recension of small digital humanities projects publishing primary sources
  • Very good way to discover ressources
  • They are assessed by the EHPS team
  • Edited by the department of history at the European University Institute

National libraries

Check out websites of national libraries.

See for instance Gallica.

Important notably to get access to digitised journals, see BNL's digital collections.

Subject oriented

European integration / XXth century european

  1. European integration
  2. Technology

  • WWII & Holocaust
    • EHRI
    • see

2. Secondary sources

Google Books
Google Scholar

  • Google Scholar
  • But, still, interesting tools: cf. Harzing's PoP - who cites who.

In French

  • Lots of libraries

In German


In English



Many more...


  • Look at your website critique exercise
  • Don't look only at what's on-line.


By Frédéric Clavert


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