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Open Access
Alt. Models

Open Access


  • Distributing what we can

Publish Open Access


  • Member of DOAJ
  • Membership in Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association 

Open Educational Resources

  • Initial pilot started Spring 2016
  • Collaboration between Mason Publishing (Libraries), 4-VA, and Mason Online.

Alternatives: Creative Commons

Licensing options:

  • CC-BY :
    • Attribution
  • CC-BY-NC :
    • Attribution, Non-Commercial
  • CC-BY-ND :
    • Attribution, No Derivatives
  • CC-BY-SA :
    • Attribution, Share-Alike

Shifting Economies

Print-based publishing operates within an economics of scarcity, with its systems determined largely by the fact that a limited number of pages, journals, and books can be produced ... Electronic publishing faces no such material scarcity...

However, in a self-multiplying scholarly commons ... what remains scarce are time and attention.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Planned Obsolescence,

Ch. 1, pp. 37-38 (print)

  • Problem of an abundance of distributed scholarship.


  • Bring the "journal" to the scholarship, rather than the scholarship to the journal.


  • Focus attention: If I only read one thing, it should be this.

Shift to "Altmetrics"

How can we assess the importance (influence) of a piece of scholarship?

  • Reputation of the Journal?
  • Use by popular and scholarly audiences?

Things to Consider

  • Who is deciding?
  • What is counted?
  • To what end?

Look Behind the Curtain:

How Mason Publishing is Involved:

  • Assign DOIs to digital content
  • Assign ORCIDs and help link your content to you

Open Monographs

Suite of studies, funded by Mellon, on the costs of monograph publishing and alternative models.

Direct Author Subventions at University of Michigan and Indiana University

Digital Scholarship Center

Spring 2017


  • Currently in Planning Stages
  • Resources for Digital Projects
  • Consultation Model

Archiving Digital Work

  • Interface
  • Infrastructure
  • Data

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Scholarly Communication @ Mason

By Jeri Wieringa

Scholarly Communication @ Mason

Talk for George Mason History Department's DoingDH workshop.

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